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XP thrush??

For the past 2 weeks my right nip has been itchy. I told my OB and she gave nastatin (or something like that) for a week but it made no diff. The left nip is totally fine and baby has no sign of thrush. It's not getting worse - just consistently itchy for two weeks. I just ordered GSE to try on it but I'm sorta scared to give it to my 5 week old. Does anyone have any advise? Is there a way it could be something else? Is it ok to give grapeseed extract to a 5 week old? 

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Re: XP thrush??

  • You want to watch any extracts with a little one due to the fact that it is very strong on a tiny body, most are in oil too which can mess with their bowels. I had mastitis with my daughter and got it cleared with HOT showers. Make sure that any nipple guards and/or nursing pads bras anything that touches your chest is kept very clean, massage the breast and spread a few drops of milk around the nipple (not enough to dry to you) it helps heal. I liked to walk around the house topless when there was no one to see me and the air seemed to help too.
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