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GD - Fasting Number

I just got diagnosed with GD last week, started the diet on Friday.  All of my numbers have been good except the fasting number.  It is suppossed to be below 90 and so far I have had numbers ranging from 92-98, nothing below.  I have spoken the nutritionist and she has made some suggestions but nothing has lowered the number.  She mentioned needing medication if I can't get this lower, has anyone had similiar experiences?  Is insulin inevitable at this point?
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Re: GD - Fasting Number

  • I was dignosed with GD at 12 weeks and have always had trouble with my morning numbers. Today I was 102 with insulin. What are they telling you about how long you should go without food at night if you can stop carbs earlier it might help it go down too. Good luck it will all be ok in the end and insulin is not really that bad.
  • I was diagnosed with GD around 30 weeks and to be honest the only number I really have trouble with keeping down is my fasting number.  It has seemed to get harder as my pregnancy has progressed but a tip the doctor gave me when it kept increasing was to stay active after eating my dinner the night before. So now after dinner I either take a walk, or just do stuff around the house like the dishes, laundry, organizing the nursery, etc. I basically do not let myself sit down for an entire hour after dinner and it has seemed to work in keeping my fasting numbers down.  All I want to do after dinner is get in our recliner and watch TV but I know that if I do the doctor would want to put me on glyburide or insulin at night so that is motivation enough:)
  • My fasting number was slowly creeping into the high 90's about 5 weeks ago. I joined a gym and started walking on the treadmill 3-4 times a week for about 45 minutes. Now they are consistently high 70's to 80's. Hope this helps you! I'd give it a try before the insulin.

  • Unfortunately with exercise and diet changes, my fasting number kept going up. I have been on glyburide for a little over a week, and it has helped. The dietitian and the doctor both said the fasting is the hardest number to keep down and gets harder as the pregnancy progresses.
  • Don't really have any suggestions except that my fasting number has to be under 100 so for me, those numbers are perfect :-)  Also, my doctor told me he wouldn't be concerned unless he saw the numbers over 120 as a fast numbering and it happening consistently.  I've hit 109 before but that's just happened 2x since I've been diagnosed and that was 7 weeks ago and maybe it's on the higher side once a week in general.  Again if it were high consistently then something would be done, but for now the doctor isn't concerned at all.  I do know that if I eat my snack a little earlier at night it helps keep my morning number down.


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  • My fasting number is supposed to be under 95.  I had four high numbers in a row, started walking every day on day two and they started going down a tiny bit on day five.  For the next week or so, they were pretty up and down and have now moved back below 95 most of the time.  At my appointment, my dr. described them as "perfect."  (Probably to encourage me to keep walking!)

    I also tried tweaking my bedtime snack a bit.  All of my meal numbers have been good.

    So, do everything you can (exercise, adjusting your last snack, etc), but know that the meds are available to keep your baby healthy if those things don't work. 

  • I doubt they would go straight to insulin, especially since the fasting numbers aren't that high. I had the same problem with mine and about a week and a half a go my Dr. prescribed glyburide. I take 1 teeny tiny 2.5 mg pill about 15 minutes before dinner and it brings down my fasting numbers. I was able to hold out on medication until 36 weeks, almost made it with just diet and exercise.
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