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How long do I have to wait for AF???

I had a d&c on 2/6/12- and still no AF!!!! I went to my OB for follow up on 2/23/12 and he said I had estrogen rich mucous so I was entering a fertile period and that I should expect AF in a couple weeks- WELL- its 3/20/12- and NO AF.... I know my cycle will be a bit wonky- but I am anxious to get testing done ( I am seeing an RE due to recurrent miscarriages- and I cant start tetsing until after AF returns and I am on day 3 of my cycle.... UGH- I am so impatient!!!!) I know I am not pregnant- Hubby and I have been VERY careful ( and just for extra measure- I took an hpt this weekend- although I was 99% sure it would be negative anyways- I still took it- and negative indeed....) ANYWAY- AT what point should I call either my OB or RE and ask if there is anything I can take to jump start???
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Re: How long do I have to wait for AF???

  • Your body can gear up to ovulate (ie estrogen rich mucus) many times before actually releasing the egg. Stress is one of the biggest causes of delayed ovulation. Try and do your best to remain calm, and AF may come naturally. Otherwise, call Dr at 8 weeks (or 60 days), and they may prescribe Provera to jump start. Remember, your body (not to mention your emotions) have been through a traumatic event. It can take a while before things go back to normal, and you may find you have a new normal when they do.



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  • It looks like we miscarried around the same time. AF just arrived today for me. I had the same anxious feelings you did, it will come, promise!
  • My D&C was the same day as you.  I got AF a little over 2 weeks ago... today is my first day without her too...

    My friend miscarried 2 weeks before me, and she got her 1st period a week after me. 
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