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So I had my 20 week ultrasound on March ninth. Having a boy! Got a call today (March 19th) from an np saying I need to come back the week of april ninth for another ultrasound. Baby has a cyst on his back that they wanna recheck. Says the doc has seen this before and they just wanna make sure things are good. I'm staying calm but really freaking out inside. Anyone else go through this? Hopefully good results? Otherwise everything looked great and hes in the 91st percentile for growth. idk. I'm worried. please help. Oh and I didnt do an amnio. This is my first kiddo after two miscarriages and I'm 26 if any of that info helps.

Re: Cyst's

  • Not a cyst on the back, no. But I was told at 18 weeks that my baby had a cyst on her brain (actually, I was told "this is very serious and we think your baby has Down's; so you need to see a specialist, but oh, don't worry!") and it turned out to be completely fine. Baby is completely healthy and has no signs of Down's or any other abnormalities. Any part of the body that produces fluid (like glands on the brain and spine) can form a fluid-filled cyst around them, and they're completely harmless. That's all it was in my case.

    I'd say if the doctor told you it's nothing to worry about, it's nothing to worry about. At the risk of sounding cynical, when I asked other Bumpies about my baby's brain cyst I heard pretty much the same from everyone: the doctor scared the living daylights out of them telling them "we can't say for sure that everything's fine" and then there were no problems. I think doctors are too scared to actually reassure you and say "it's probably just a fluid-filled bubble" in case they're sued if they're wrong. If your doctor is already letting you know they've seen it before and they 'just want to check' then I'm sure things will be fine. Also, it could just be that they didn't get a very good look at it because of the way baby was lying, so they want to look again.

    Try not to worry (I know that's pretty much impossible), and I hope everything's alright! I'm sure it will be!

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