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Swollen Feet- Footware?

Hi Everyone,

I'm 33.5 weeks and my feet and ankles are swelling up.  Does anyone have any good comfortable work shoe ideas for this situation.  My feet are not comfortably fitting into my flats.  I ended up wearing sneakers today! Any brand names for work shoes that work for you would be great! I work in a conservative environment so usually wear closed toed black shoes. 

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Re: Swollen Feet- Footware?

  • Stick out tongueI'm having the same problem and I cannot wear tennis shoes regularly. Plus, I would look really silly in my professional slacks/dress etc with my nikes on Stick out tongue I went to walmart one desperate morning last week and bought a pair of somewhat cute blacks flats for $12. I just bought them a size up from my normal size and they are very wide so that's working fine for me.
  • I would get a bigger size/sizes.... I'm starting to wear flip flops or sneakers pretty much all the time... 

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  • I am not as far along, but my first pg my ankles and feet were swelling around this time.  I invested in a pair of compression stocking.  BEST THING EVER - my feet stay their normal size all day, but when I take them off at night they swell like crazy.   They are fairly expensive (30-40$) but better than a trial and error run with new shoes.  Jobst makes them in a tan that looks just like knee highs.  Best of luck!
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  • My Dr said most important thing is comfort and support. So unlike Aprilsies, he would say DO NOT WEAR FLIP FLOPS. Your feet will hurt more with no good support. My mom had cancer and her feet would swell, it was hard for her to find good shoes, but I know one brand she liked that makes a variety of styles was White Mountain.


  • Privo is a brand from Norstroms & Norstroms Rack those are the most comfy shoes in the world.  I also have a pair of Merrels the surgeons I used to work with wore them on their surgical days 8-14 hours of standing they are awesome!!

    good luck!

    I had on a cure pair of cole haan heels with the nike air support at church yesterday.............20 minutes into service I made a b-line to the car to put on my privo's LMBO!!

    my poor feet looked like dough rising! 

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  • Same here. I tried wearing my regular flip-flops when it got nice last week and it was tight and my feet were sore the next day so I used snickers which are still ok. 

    I don't want to buy 3 pairs of huge shoes that I won't be wearing again but I may have to... i was leaning towards getting a pair of Sanuk flip flops (yoga mat sole), they are $30. And continue wearing my snickers for long walks, if not I'll have to but a bigger sneaker on sale)

    For more formal I honestly don't know....  

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  • LOL I like the ref to dough rising....I totally feel like my feet looked liked that today before I switched over to my sneakers.  Some great ideas here, thanks!
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  • i have to dress in business casual, but since i'm not meeting with clients anymore, i just wear my flip flops.  they are the only things that are comfortable these days.  if someone at work says something, they can suck it!
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  • What about those Aerosolebrand shoes?
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  • Taos makes some nice slip-ons ... I think they started out as a sandal company, similar to Birkenstocks but lately they have come out with some other styles that would work for business casual. 

    Danskos can be comfy and supportive if you don't mind a chunkier style ...

    I would stay away from Aerosoles because they are so squishy they offer no support. (JMHO -- I'm someone who needs a rigid sole)

    If money is no object I would also look at Taryn Rose, Anyi Lu and Thierry Rabotin, especially for dressier styles.

    Also, my favorite flat shoe is the Thierry Rabotin Lena. Comes in a few different colors and finishes. Super-soft Italian leather. Wide toe box. They're not the sexiest shoes in the world, but my feet are sooo happy in them. I wore them to the office with pants suits as well as on weekends with jeans. And since they adjust with velcro, they're perfect for swelling feet. Now you've got me remembering my last pair, which lasted me several years (I replaced the velcro a couple of times). I keep putting off replacing these shoes because I think I'm going to come across something cheaper that is just as good, but so far no luck.

    (I had sticker shock when I first discovered these shoes, but then DH said to me, "you know why your feet always hurt? because you don't spend enough on shoes!") 

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  • I'm not sure if your meaning dress work shoes or not. If so I would try a wide shoe. My mother had gotten a pair of shoes a size to big for her(my size haha) and gave them to me months ago. They were a simple brown pair of flats, but in wide. I generally have slim feet but now that I'm swollen I've found that they fit great. So you could try whatever brand you have been wearing but ask if it comes in a wide fit.. and try going up a size too.

    As far as regular shoes go, I got myself a simple black pair or levis. They are super comfy plus with the color black they match just about anything. Afteral no one expects us to be in a sexy pair of sling backs when we cant even see our feet. Yet alone reach them.




  • Crocs - not the garden kind...It may depend on your dressiness level, but if I need these i will get them, my friend wore them with dress slacks for most of her pregnancy b/c she walks alot at work but her feet were swollen before the 3rd tri. they were wide and comfy.

     Here are some styles - I think she wore black jayna and kaydee styles mainly.






     Like PP said Privo or even ecco is good too but runs more.

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  • Crocs worked the best for me b/c they are wide across the foot.  I just would get the black pair to be conservative.Yes

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