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Anyone's LO use a nebulizer?

My DS2 uses one every 4 hours with Albuterol and twice a day we have to add an inhaled steroid in with the Albuterol.  He will be doing this for a few weeks. I was wondering if anyone else is going through this with their LO or has in the past.  He started on this b/c of a cough and wheezing and the wheezing just won't go away. He was on a liquid steroid given to him in a dropper and it didn't work. He has been on the inhaled steroids for almost a week and I don't think he sounds any better.  I am just wondering what the next step would be.  Could this be a sign of asthma or allergies? We go for his well-baby checkup this week, but sometimes it's nice to hear from other moms. TIA!!
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Re: Anyone's LO use a nebulizer?

  • My LO is on a nebulizer  with Albuterol as well. He had  a nasty cough from a cold he had and had some "junk" in his lungs so the doc put him on the neb. It has worked ok, he still has his cough and now he is teething so it is worse. I know it is a challenge to get him to wear the mask so I usaully hold it by his mouth and nose! I would def mention the wheezing to the doctor not sure if it is a sign of Asthma or allergies but the wheezing should go away with the neb over time so I would ask the doctor. Hope he gets better soon! Good luck!
  • My DS has asthma; however, he uses an inhaler with a spacer and a mask instead of a nebulizer.  It's 1000x easier (we've done both).  if your LO ends up being on an inhaled medication long-term, you should ask the doctor about it.  

    How long has this cough/wheeze been going on?  DS's asthma presents as a cough.  He's had said cough since he was 3 weeks old.  Oral steroids have never helped DS.  Albuterol does help because it opens up the airways.  

    I do think it's odd that they would put him on inhaled steroids for just a few weeks.  Our pulmonologist said we wouldn't see results from the inhaled steroids (Flovent in our case) for 3-4 weeks.  it actually took about 5-6 weeks before DS's cough went away.

    Did your son start coughing after an illness?  

    Coughing like that could also be a sign of reflux.  DS has reflux, and the cough is literally his only symptom.  

    Good luck.  I know how frustrating it is.  I just lay in bed at night listening to DS cough and cough and cough over his baby monitor.... and it's been like this since he was 3 weeks old.   We've seen huge improvements in the past few weeks experimenting with different combinations of asthma and reflux meds, but now DS is sick with a cold and it's all gone out the window.  He's coughing like mad again.

    Have you seen a pediatric pulmonologist?  I'd highly recommend it.  DS has been seeing one since January.  I know that if his cough isn't completely gone by his next appointment, they're going to stick a camera down his lungs so they can look at the lung structure to make sure everything is normal.  You can't really expect a regular pediatrician to have those types of capabilities! 

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  • We use a neb 2x a day for cystic fibrosis. Def tell your dr any concerns you have.
  • We have used a neb a few times for bronchiolitis. One of the pedis I saw told me it only works 1/2 the time. So it may help sometimes and it may not.




  • Yep DD is on the neb "as needed" albuterol, budesonide and singulair. She had a terrible cold and there was a wheeze so she was 2x a day for a month and a half then she used it once a day for 5 days and I haven't heard the wheeze but DH has asthma "sports and allergy" related so to be on the safe side pedi has us get our own machine etc.  DD will hold the mouthpiece in and nibble on it during her treatments but she gets sick of it do I'm certainly glad it's just as needed. 
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