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What is your 3T DS wearing for Easter?

Can't find anything cute this year!! I bought a bubble for my other 6month old DS but can't figure out anything for the older one!.

Re: What is your 3T DS wearing for Easter?

  • Dillon is 2T but I found a sweater vest outfit at Macy's that was cute enough. I can never find anything ideal for Dillon this time of year. I really am not a fan of the sweater vest look, but since weather here this time of year can be somewhat tricky, my choices are pretty limited.

    Of course, saying all that - with the abnormal warmth we have going on right now, it will probably be 90 on Easter and all my work to find a sweater vest I liked will be for not.

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  • I think DS is just wearing khaki pants and a button up shirt from gym.boree.  The shirt is white with sort of spring/pastel thin stripes.
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  • Well if the weather is like 90 degrees, then Nicholas will wear Khaki shorts and a polo shirt.  I'm not getting him super dressed up since he will probably be playing outside.  Ava however has the cutest dress.  


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  • We have no idea what Easter is going to look like for us since I'm due 4 days before it.  But I bought Jacob a cute sweater vest, button down shirt and navy blue pants. 
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  • I bought a cute little white linen short set off Zulily. . . I know, right?!  White?  Linen?  Toddler?  What am I thinking?!!!

    I have serious doubts about whether it will fit (DS really needs a different size top and bottom), anyway ;)  so my backup outfit is a pair of blue and white seersucker shorts, a white longsleeved dress shirt, and depending on the forecast I might go grab a vet for on top. 

    He'll wear his "dress" brown leather sandles with either.  

  • Hayden will wear either kahki shorts or pants depending on the weather. I found a super cute plaid shirt at wamart. It has a cute t-shirt underneath of it. I like it becaude he will be plsying with his cousins. Plaid shirt for pictures and t-shirt for playing. 

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