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This can't be happening!!!

I'm 6 months, and I never had any heartburn. Well....tonight I ate a piece of pizza and I have the WORST heartburn ever!!! I'm praying this is just an isolated incident. I don't know what i'm going to do if I can't eat my pizza ;-)

Re: This can't be happening!!!

  • Yeah, it is happening. A lot of people who never get heartburn get it during pregnancy. I had to take a Zantac nightly after about 20 weeks my last pregnancy.


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  • I've gotten it off and on, but I haven't seen a pattern with the food.  I think for me, it's more random.  Hope that gives you hope-maybe it's a one-off situation!
  • When I was pregnant with my son, I had the worst heartburn ever no matter what I ate. It started at about 6 months and never stopped til he was born. So I feel your pain!!
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  • Before getting pregnant with DS I had never experienced heartburn.. when I finally did-- boy did it suck! I have felt it a few times with this one already. I'm just hoping it's not as bad as last time.

    P.s. A lot of people suggested milk, that made mine way worse. The thing that helped me was apple cider vinegar. I'd just take it like a shot. It's not the best tasting thing, but it helped.

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  • Sorry, but it's probably not going to get better until after baby is here. I have HORRIBLE heartburn with DD. I would wake up choking on it. Yuck. I had to start taking Prevacid because nothing else helped me. The good news is it went away as soon as I had her!

    It's already started for me with this pregnancy. =(

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    I'm 6 months, and I never had any heartburn. Well....tonight I ate a piece of pizza and I have the WORST heartburn ever!!! I'm praying this is just an isolated incident. I don't know what i'm going to do if I can't eat my pizza ;-)

     I had pizza on Friday night and got heartburrn really bad. Then looking back, everytime I've had pizza for the last 4 weeks, I've been getting heartburn at night. Finally just connected the dots! It sucks! I love my pizza as well!


  • I had the worse HB with my first... eventually I needed my galbladder out after I had him.. but the only thing that would help subside it a little bit was Vanilla bean Ice cream.... lol... I managed with that cure!
  • Ranitidine will be your friend.
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  • Ugh, the pregnancy heartburn.  I literally had heartburn with both of my girls' before I even too a pregnancy test.   It was HORRIBLE.  I didn't eat, I'd have heartburn.  I ate, I had heartburn... 

    This time around I've been lucky and have only had it a few times.  I hope that it is an isolated incident for you!  If not, I hope that it at least holds off for a while!

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  • Had my first episode of heartburn at 20 weeks. I found I could not lay down. I had to pile bunch of pillow under me so the acid would not back up anymore. I feel your pain.
  • I've been on prilosec twice a day since I was 8 weeks... I've found it gets worse when I eat/drink foods/drinks that are acidic (orange juice, tomato based, etc.), fried foods, spicy foods (I love my mexican!), drinks with carbonation or caffiene, milk (people think it should be soothing, trust me it's not!), water (makes it much worse! i drink alot of crystal light), etc. Also, try to not eat for a few hours before you go to bed, and if you have, prop yourself up so you're at an angle.

    Hopefully it won't get worse for you - I also live off of tums. There are lots of women right there with you suffering from the same!

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  • I never got heartburn before, but I have been getting it really bad for the past month or so. I love anything and everything spicy too, like I put hot sauce on everything. I had to stop that though, and I can't eat anything spicy. It's annoying, but worth it.  

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  • I had it all the time when I ate tomato sauces with DS.  It was terrible - so far I'm following the same pattern.  Nothing else really sets me off - I can eat spicy but tomato sauces make it tough.  I just pop a few tums and stay upright as much as possible :) 
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  • I had my first case of wicked bad heartburn on Friday.  I made potato pancakes for breakfast.  they were SO good, but damn did they kick back on me in a bad, bad way later.  *knockonwood* it hasn't happened again
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  • I have it all day everyday UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.pregnancy induced.
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  • Water gives me heartburn.

    I take tums every night before bed. 

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