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Teething Troubles

My six month old son is in so much discomfort and pain, he screams and helplessly grabs anything and everything to put into his mouth seeking relief. I will not use Hylands because it has Beladona and is not approved by Pediatric Association or FDA. Its not regulated, and potentially harmful, besides who gives a baby sleep aid???

I also won't using teething gel because it can numb the back of throat inhibiting gagging reflex, and doesn't seem healthy anyways.

I am using infants triaminic fever reducer pain reliever in very small doses, this does get him comfortable, but I only use it as a last resort to help him rest, and don't want to make a habit out of it.

He is so miserable.

Re: Teething Troubles

  • Have you tried a frozen washcloth? Feeding teether? (I put a frozen apple in DD's, and it keeps her occupied!). I've never heard anything bad about the Hyland's teething tablets, but you've obviously read into them a lot more than I have. DD has had two (bottom) teeth already come in, and she didn't cry or scream. Only thing I noticed was slobbering!

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  • I agree with PP. Frozen washcloth, mesh feeder with frozen fruit in it or ice cubes. Some people swear by amber teething necklaces. All that's worked for me is lots of snuggles and Tylenol at night for a couple of nights. Good luck, mama.
  • you can also rub a little benadryl(excuse any misspelling)
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  • During the peak of teething we used Tylenol at nights and frozen washcloth during the day. DS also loved his vibrating teether (we found one at wal-mart). Sometimes we'd have to hold it and push it to get it to vibrate for him, but he eventually got the hang of it and learned it would vibrate when he bit down.
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