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Dr. gave me a hard time about 8-lb TOTAL weight gain

I am 28 weeks and have only gained 8 pounds so far.  (I lost a few in the first trimester.)  So today I go for my monthly check up and my doctor notices that I gained 5 pounds in the past month.  She then says, "Let's not do that every time" and reminds me to stay away from the Easter candy this month.  WTF?!  I thought she would congratulate me on the gain!  I was not overweight to begin with.  I'm basically going to ignore her...




Re: Dr. gave me a hard time about 8-lb TOTAL weight gain

  • I think 5 pounds in a month is completely fine, especially if you havent been gaining!  I about 39 weeks and have gained a total of 28 pounds, 6 of that in a 2 week span.  my doc said not to do THAT again, but jeez, thats only about a pound a week, I would say you are doing well!
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  • When it came time that I was seeing my dr. every two weeks, we would notice my body's pattern.  I gained several lbs in 2 weeks and then the next two weeks I would not gain anything.  So it happened at the apt. where I saw my dr. instead of my midwife, I had gained 6 lbs, but she didn't know that I didn't gain any at the previous apt.  So it was 6 lbs for that month.  She was a really biatch about it. Ignore them, so long as you feel healthy and that there is a natural weight gain going on that isn't ridiculously out of proportion then there is no point in giving that any mind.
  • I would look for a new doc. 
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  • Oh that is ridiculous! I would be pissed too. At this point in your pregnancy you should be gaining about a pound a week. And it doesn't necessarily come on evenly--most people gain in fits and spurts. I've gained about 24 pounds at 30 weeks--and I was overweight to begin with--and my doctor has not said a word (I'm actually doing quite a bit better than with my last pregnancy!).  Seriously, what is with the weight nazis?!
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  • Wow I had a doctor like that with my first pregnancy, when I went back after losing all the weight he looked at me in shock. Like he really thought I was planning on keeping it all.

    Now I have gained 14lb in the past two months for a total of 35lbs. My doctor told me oh well it happens. I like his way of thinking

    Congratulations on finally putting some weight on!

    I honestly hadnt even thought about Easter candy, ugh.  

  • I've gained 50 this pregnancy, and NOT ONE PERSON has said anything about my weight.  I wasn't the skinniest to begin with, and I started at 136pounds and my check up last week I was up to 190pounds.  I don't understand why doctors would be upset over 8pounds.......I'm actually shocked she said that.  I gain a lot of weight when I'm pregnant, my body does what it wants to with the food I eat.  I think everyone is different.  I wouldn't worry at all about the weight you gained, it's normal for you.  I would be thrilled if I gained only 8 lbs in my pregnancy!
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  • She sounds like an idiot tbh...U and baby enjoy your easter candy all you want

  • Wait...you weren't overweight...lost in 1st trimester and have gained only 5 lbs in 28 weeks of pregnancy ? I'd be running to another doctor because if you aren't overweight and only gaining 5 lbs there should be concern as to why. 

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  • I have seen 3 different OBs from the same clinic and each time I would ask about my weight because I was concerned.  I'm at 36 weeks and have gained 6.6 pounds total since I found out I was preggo at 4 weeks.  Baby is doing great.  According to the growth ultrasound last week, she is at about 4 pounds.  Turns out I probably lost weight (for some odd reason, no morning sickness here), but baby has gained it.  And this I believe, because I was looking at pics in the beginning of my pregnancy and my face was so round compared to now.

    Did she give you an estimate of how much weight you should gain throughout your whole pregnancy?  I too was cheering every time I gained weight.

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  • Congratulations on gaining 5 lbs in that month.  I hope you continue to gain at least a pound a week and go full-term. Your doctor either made an idiotic comment, or is an idiot.  I think you should ask her about it -- say "at my last visit, you said X, which made me feel really bad because I was proud of my weight gain.  I did a lot of research and I feel like that weight gain is a good thing.  Can you explain to me why you approached it like that?"  Put the doctor on the hot seat.  The doctor seems like they are in control when you look at it from the patient's perspective, but viewed from the doctor's perspective -- they are a professional services provider running a business and trying to attract and keep clients.  She should have better patient skills than that, and should be reminded that flippant comments can really make an impact on expectant mothers. And maybe she is a brilliant medical scientist but socially inept, and it would help her be a better doctor if someone explained to her that her patient skills suck.

    If you ended up getting a new doctor, I would definitely point this out as the reason so that the doctor & practice know why, so they can do a better job in the future.

  • I agree with the other posters. I would think you should have gained closer to 15 pounds by now (assuming you started at a normal weight). If anything, I would think the doctor would worry you haven't gained enough. It's great that you gained 5 pounds. I don't get why all these doctors are so militant about weight. You are supposed to gain a pound a week. You only gained one pound more than that (and that after having lost weight). I would also consider looking for another doctor.
  • If you were of normal weight to begin with, it's important to gain sufficient weight during the pregnancy to support your health, the health of the baby, and breastfeeding (should you choose to do this.)  Not gaining enough weight can predispose you to preterm labor.......tell your Doc to shove it and enjoy the candy.

  • What??  When I went for my appointment on Tuesday, I gained almost 9lbs since the last appointment two weeks ago... *I* was horrified, she looked at the records and shrugged saying I've only gained 13lbs since I switched to the practice almost 2 months ago so no big deal.  Told me I was doing well and not to stress over it!

    I hope your future appointments go better with whoever you choose as your doctor!

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  • At my 28 week appointment I had only gained a total of 8 lbs this whole pregnancy and I am pretty petite to begin with.  I had HORRIBLE m/s forever, and still get sick a few times a week :(  I lost weight initially, but gained that back + the 8 lbs. 

    My midwives are not concerned at all right now.  The baby's heartbeat is always great and I am measuring right on track...my belly is getting huge!  They are also not concerned because I am continuing to gain weight by every appointment rather than losing or holding steady.

    If I were you I would sit down and talk to your doctor about why that comment was made, especially with how little you have gained total.  In the last trimester your baby is doing a ton of growing (adding weight, fat, etc) so it completely makes sense to be putting on more.  Good luck!

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  • MrsWPMrsWP
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    I've gained 15 total during this pregnancy plus the 4 pounds I gained back after morning sicknes... I've been steadily gaining 2 pounds per month since the third month and then this last month  at my 28 week appt I had gained 5!!!!  I freaked out a little about it and said something to the effect of.. I can't gain that much every month! (realize I was overweight to start with but I was down 100 pounds from what I was a few years ago and that weight was VERY hard to take off.. so gaining it back is hard for me) 
    The doc told me that I was right on track and its very normal to see a 5 to 6 pound jump at this point in the pregnancy and that they aren't the least bit worried about the weight that I've gained... Your doc was probably just being ridiculous... 5 pounds is normal... 5 pounds is normal... (keep repeating it.. lol thats what I do.)

  • Thanks for the support, ladies.  Although I know I'm fine, it's hard to ignore what your doctor is saying.  Just to clarify, I've gained 8 pounds from where I started, but an additional 4 pounds to make up for what I lost initially.  So it's actually 12.  Does that make sense?
    Anyways, I think my doctor just made the mistake of looking at this one past month and commenting on that without looking carefully at the full picture.  I do not plan to switch doctors over this.  Now if she continues to make comments about my weight gain, I would consider it.  

  • I am 29 weeks and at my last check up I have only gained 12 lbs from my pre pregnancy weight. In the first tri I lost 10 lbs, if you take that into consideration I actually gained 22, so if you lost weight in the beginning you shouldnt worry. With DS I only gained 20 lbs and he was a healthy 8lb baby.
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  • I would brush that off. Gaining about one pound per week is totally normal and you haven't gained hardly anything so far! As long as baby is measuring on track and mama is healthy... weight gain is what it is! 

    FWIW I've only gained 15 lbs so far (starting from a very average BMI)... I never get weighed at my midwife appointments and they've only asked about my weight maybe twice. It's not that important. 

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  • I'm 31 weeks, and I've only gained 10 lbs. I saw my doctor yesterday, and she said at the rate I'm going, I'll probably only gain a total of 20 lbs with my pregnancy. She said that I was doing a great job and that I was growing perfect.

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  • Definitely ignore her!  With DS#1, I'd have appts where I'd gain 2lbs in a month, or 6lbs in 2 weeks...it all evens out.  I gained about 35lbs total with both kids (normal weight to a little under weight to begin with). If you are eating good and you are happy, don't worry. Enjoy your Easter candy!!!!
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  • I would have a conversation with her and express your concerns with her comment. I'd rather make sure that you are on the same page about expectations.

    The RN in my Dr's office made a couple of comments that I was gaining too much but my Dr did not have the slightest issue with it. My Dr said that as long as the baby was coming along, not too big, and no other health side effects were showing, the only thing I had to be aware of is that I'll likely have more to lose and some find it harder to do that.

    Good luck!

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  • Wow, that's crazy!  I've gained 35 pounds (started at a normal weight/BMI) so far and my doc tells me at each and every appointment that my weight looks great.  I only just started to see some foot & hand swelling in the last week, my BP is great, my iron is a healthy number, and I'm measuring normal, all of which my doc cares about more than the stupid scale number.  Maybe it's because she has three kids (ages 2, 4, and 7) herself so she understands, lol.

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  • mine too! at 20 week appt I still had gained 0. At my 24 week appt I had gained 10. Now I think it was mostly water, etc combined with a growth spurt because since then I am now down one pound to 9lbs total. But she spent my whole appt lecturing me about carbs and sugar. I just ignored her as well.
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  • Sounds like you need a new OB, kinda rude!
  • Yeah, I am 38 weeks and have gained 30lbs (my weight gain should be 25-35, so I'm in the middle) My midwife constantly tells me that I gained a lot, and that I should only gain 1/2lb each week...uh...yeah right. It honestly pisses me off, when I know I look good, and have been told so. I just brush it off, I don't care what she thinks. Baby is healthy, that's all that matters.
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