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Tailbone Pain/It's a GIRL!

  Does anyone have any suggestions of how to relieve my severely aching tailbone?!  I sit a lot at work and am trying to get up throughout the day to be off my butt, but I still go home and feel like I can't even sit down on my couch!  I bought a Yoga ball and sitting on that helps a bit.  I have had an awesome pregnancy so far, (at 22 weeks) so I really don't want to complain.  My doctor told me that it is from the hormone that softens those joints and my pelvis is getting wider so there is more pressure on my tailbone.  I guess I may just have to grin and bear it! 

 Also we just found out we were having a girl!  I thought all along I was, but was surprised because all of the "wives-tales" pointed to a boy!  I had no morning sickness, Chinese Gender Chart said boy and I have the best skin/hair of my life...I'd like to think I have not lost my beauty, but I guess there's still time for that!  I am very excited and am thinking about naming her after my grandmother, Charlotte.  Looking for middle name suggestions though! 

:)  Thanks, and blessings!

Re: Tailbone Pain/It's a GIRL!

  • hahaha still taking it with a grin, the tailbone pain that is. I dont think its ever going away. I told my dr it feels like it wants to break and he said sometimes it does during labor :(. last thing I wanted to hear hahaha oh well thank god for epidurals
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  • I got the tailbone pain issue with my first pregnancy and he's now 17 months old and it has never gone away. Doc said that I probably cracked/broke it during my pregnancy because of my size. It was/is terrible. I had to sit on a donut at work and driving. Post pregnancy it still acts up if I sit for a long period of time. I'm 20 weeks pregnant again and I'm waiting for it to get worse as I get bigger. Wish I had better news!! Unfortunately, there is no "cure" for the tailbone.
  • The tailbone pain was unbearable with DS but it did go away sometime before I had him. I think it was for only about 1 1/2 months. I looked like a dork but I carried a pillow with me everywhere. I also did all I could to avoid wooden chairs and barstools. I wonder if I will get it as bad with this preg. Man, I hope not. Good luck to you!
  • Thanks everyone, glad to know I'm not the only one!  It seems to have subsided a bit lately!  :)  Blessings to all!
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