Pregnant after 35

1st U/S @ 5w3d

Back from my first U/S and we saw the gestational sac which was measuring on target at 5w3d.  They also saw "a shadow" of the yolk sac. My RE said to stay cautiously optimistic and she saw everything she wanted to see. Great!

I was on the other hand going nuts. My heart was beating so fast! They took my bp after the u/s and it was 155/90!!! I calmed down and one hour later my bp was 122/82. Pregnancy is a 9 month nail biter.  



41.5 yrs old/Husband 49.2 (no mfi). 01/2011 natural BFP- 02/24/2011 natural miscarriage at 8w0d. 01/2012 1cm polyp inside my uterus removed during Hysteroscopy. 02/2012 Unmedicated IUI #1 BFP, 04/2012 Baby stopped growing D&C at 8w2d. Blood Chromosome Analysis for me and DH-normal. MTHFR (positive for one copy C677T-heterozygous). PAI-1 (positive for one copy 4G Varient-heterozygous). Positive ANA 1:80. Taking Citra Natal plus DHA, Metanx, Synthyroid (for subclinical hypothyroid), CoQ10, Vit D and Daily Baby Aspirin. 07/2012 AMH 1.8, FSH 7, AFC 16ish. 08/2012 Mini-Lap MYOMECTOMY to remove 3 intramural fibroids. 10/2012 IUI #2 (no meds except trigger) BFN. 11/2012 IUI #3 Gonal F, trigger, endometrin. BFN. 12/2012 IUI #4 Gonal F, trigger, endometrin. BFN. 01-02/2013 IVF #1 MDL protocol (20mdl, 450 follistim, 150 menopur). PGS results=6 genetically abnormal. IVF #2 March 2013 Praying for a miracle. Lilypie Assisted Conception tickers

Re: 1st U/S @ 5w3d

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