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Freedom from my "house arrest" status!

So, 2 weeks ago, I went into premature labor, (4cm dilated and 85% effaced)my OB predicted that I was having the baby within 3 days and I had to go on leave from work.  DH called MIL to stay with us and help with DS.  DH wasn't comfortable with me driving by myself (makes sense) so MIL drove me everywhere.  DH took a few days off work and then everyone sat around staring at me for 4 days.  Nothing happened and my contractions just stopped.  DH reluctantly went back to work, then I only had 1 person staring at me all day long.

FIL flies in last weekend and joined the "waiting group"--arrrgggh!! Today, my OB checked me out and noticed a decrease in contractions--and no changes in my cervix.  My family finally went on relax mode, ILs are now staying at a bed and breakfast and I get my privacy back!!  I was able to enjoy my first morning of not having someone knock once on my bedroom door and open it without waiting for a response, not having someone ask me literally every hour if I've had any contractions/why haven't I had any contractions/here's what I should do if I want contractions.  I had a day free of broken glass (in-laws have broken 2 measuring cups and 3 drinking glasses within the past 5 days).  I drove by myself to Kohl's (2 miles away) to run errands and it took me less than 5 minutes to leave the house vs. 90 minutes to wait for MIL.  I love my in laws, but I gotta admit that the privacy and a return to independence is wonderful!!!!!! 

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Re: Freedom from my "house arrest" status!

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