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Decided to go natural

I told my DH the other night that I decided to have our baby naturally, god willing.  I have been reading different posts of things people have written, and I feel like I am not prepared at all!  I dont exactly have a birth plan, and I dont know what to add into the plan.  (Taking notes from one of the posts tho!)  But I dont know if my hospital is "natural birth friendly."  If thats what I decided on, wouldnt my hospital have to be ok with it?  That may be a stupid question, but I guess I just need to know what Im getting myself into! 
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Re: Decided to go natural

  • I think it's most important for you to find an OB or midwife that is natural birth friendly.  My hospital is pretty low intervention, but they are in constant communication with the doctor and will do whatever she says.  My doctor is extremely low intervention and has a "midwife" mindset.  I talked to her about having a written birth plan and she convinced me to ditch the paper copy and we would talk through everything and she would write it in the notes for the hospital to see.  She was all for laboring natural and delivering in whatever position was working for me.  She was also willing to do a water birth which is very uncommon for an OB to do.  I wouldn't be too scared of the hospital not supporting you.

    Two things that I would do though would be to hire a doula and to read as much as possible or take a natural childbirth class.  We never took a class because they weren't offered in our area but we had a wonderful encouraging doula and read Ina May's Guide to Childbirth which really helped lead our discussions at home.  I was very comfortable in the hospital setting to have a natural birth even though I know some women are not.  I was never offered any drugs and even when I once asked for a c-section at an intense time, they just laughed at me which made me laugh as well.  It was a great experience.

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  • Read Ina May's Guide to Childbirth. It really explains everything!
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  • It's not a matter of what any hospital or OB will "let" you do or "be okay with."  It's a matter of how hard you'll have to fight for what you want.  The less you have to argue to get the care you think is best, the better your birth will be.  In my opinion, finding the right provider is more than half the battle.
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