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Suggestions PLEASE!!!!

I am fully aware that at almost 39 weeks, Im going to swell.  How bad is it supposed to be???  My legs and feet are so incredibly swollen.  I work behind a desk, so I have been sitting as much as possible, which doesnt seem to really help anything.  I get up and walk around some (I used to think that would be better) but nope, that doesnt help either.  I cant prop my feet up very high while Im at work (customer service) cause clients will see and that would look bad!  any suggestions to keep the swelling down?  I cant even bend my toes at this point!  I dont eat foods with a lot of sodium in them, I stay away from caffine, I drink water all day long.  This is just miserable, and I would take off work if I could, but my boss went on vacation!  Ugh!
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Re: Suggestions PLEASE!!!!

  • If your swelling is that bad, you should probably call your doc.  They may want to take a look and make sure your blood pressure is ok.  Sounds like you're doing everything you can do!
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  • swelling sucks assss.

    I just got back from vacation and my feet/ankles were very swollen, I iced them. Not sure if the ice helped or if the swelling just went down after being home and resting. But I'd say elevation and ice couldn't hurt you...


  • My doc always asks about rapid or sudden swelling, if its that bad I would call just to calm myself down. Also, is your face swollen? If so, definitely call the doc. Sitting in one place too long does tend to make my feet swell, so I usually get up and do something or go lay down and the swelling decreases. I'd call the doc, he may take you off work if its that bad. Good luck!


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  • is the swelling going down at night when you elevate?  IF not call the doc that is not good, if it is then you just have to live with it basically.  make sure you flex your ankles through out the day (ex: point your toes, then bend them back at the ankle) this exercise is supposed to reduce swelling.  also see ifyou can wear support hose.  they can help throughout the day.  Mostly just hang in there mama, you are getting close.
    Merry christmas and a happy new year
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