2nd Trimester

Surprise baby shower yesterday- MIL

I find it easy to fall into the trap of only posting negative/ vent type things on these boards so I wanted to share something really positive that happened yesterday. I live overseas in France away from my family and we just moved here so we don't have many friends in the area. My mother and father in law currently live with us but found out a month ago that they are moving to Fiji at the end of March (They work with the UN, were transferred). Given all of this I was dead sure I would not be having a baby shower and was totally ok with that. Well, I was wrong. My Mother in Law's sister has been in town visiting for a few days and yesterday they threw me a surprise baby shower! It was really incredibly touching, they decorated the house, planned a really nice dinner and invited about 10 family friends for a traditional ladies only baby shower. They had ordered a beautiful cake and we just had a really low key nice evening (no silly games, just good food,"mocktails", presents, and good company). I know a lot of ladies have conflict with their mothers in law and I feel really lucky to have one who is so thoughtful. Just wanted to share because it was a highpoint of this pregnancy so far! 

Re: Surprise baby shower yesterday- MIL

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