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Formula/feeding schedule help please!

Hey!  My LO is 6mo and previously was breastfeed until a few weeks ago.  I switched to formula because he was not gaining enough and is already low in percentiles anyway (around 5th percentile).  He started to fall a little off his curve at 4 month.  Once I started him on formula he has gained alot (11oz in one week even).  My problem is that the Pedi told me to feed him alot and so I am trying to do 32 oz a day and I'm feeling horrible because I'm tired of force feeding him and he never seems to be hungry.  I aim to feed him 4 8oz bottles a day but once we get to 4 oz I have to distract him and pretty much force him to eat the rest. If he really puts up a fight I only give him 6 oz and he truly will not seem hungry again until I feed him 4 hours later.  I wish I could just give him 6 oz bottles 4 times a day but I'm afraid that is not enough, but at the same time I am really feeling bad about forcing him to eat.  Does anyone else just give their baby 4 6oz bottles a day?  Is that enough?  I'm giving him cereal in the morning and evening but haven't really started baby food yet because I recently introduced formula and don't want to add too much new stuff at a time.  I'm just feeling lost and frusterated and my motherly instinct is telling me it's not right to force my baby to eat when he seems not hungry.  Any help would be much appreciated!  Thanks!
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Re: Formula/feeding schedule help please!

  • We were doing 4 6oz bottles a day until last week when we upped it to 7 oz per bottle. DD2 has never been above the 18th percentile for weight, though, so she's never been a big eater/gainer and is staying on her curve.
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  • I think you could do 6 oz bottles 4 times per day and see how it goes...i wouldn't force it at all.  If he starts losing weight add 1 more 4 oz bottle and see if that helps.  Our son is HUGE...but we only do 4 6 oz bottles per day and VERY little solids...No cereal and a few bites here and there he is content.  GL
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  • DD is 8 months old and the most she will take at one time is 4oz. She is 80/90% weight/height.

    She will typically sleep for 10 hours and will take 6 oz first thing in the morning.  

    Occasionally she'll take more so I start with 4 and if she wants more I make another 2 oz and keep going from there but lately she's packed at 4oz.

    Yes it's a lot of bottle washing/preparing but then I'm not dumping as much forms down the drain!  $$$

  • We seem to have a small stomach and the most we drink daily is 23-24oz. We do 

    1 - 5oz

    3 - 4oz

    1 - 6oz

    We are on Neocate and were preemie. We went from not being on the curve to 50% at 6 months.  We have tried giving bigger bottles but she hates Neocate - I've tasted it, it's awful! We do every 3 hr feedings with solids 3x per day (small portions).

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