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So annoyed!!! Sorry a little long!

Sorry for this vent and I am sure there are a lot of people dealing with the same stuff but I just need to vent ;) I am 36 weeks with my second and have a job where I am on my feet and walking around the whole time I am at work. I also work at night from about 5:00 pm-1:00 am then get up at 8:00 am to chase around a 2 year old all day. I have stayed working this long and last week I started hurting a lot, meaning BH contractions like crazy, my back hurts so bad I can barely move once I hit my bed at night, and there is so much pressure on my hips and "vajayjay" that I am spending more time sitting then actually working!! Anyways my mom (who worked at a desk job up until the day she delivered my sister and me), my sister (who might I add has never been pregnant) and my DH all seem to think I am being a wimp!! In fact my sister told me today I am being a wimp when I told her this would be my last week working. I am so tired of them not understanding that being 9 months pregnant is not a walk in the park!!! 

On top of this my DH keeps getting mad at me for being "rude and emotional"!! Seriously you try to do what I do everyday and not be bitchy to everyone, he knows that this past week I have been an emotional wreck but yet he still keeps pushing my buttons! I hope this baby comes in a couple of weeks so I won't have to deal with this anymore! Thanks for letting me vent :)

Re: So annoyed!!! Sorry a little long!

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    That doesn't sound like wimpy behaviour to me!

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  • You are nothing of the sort! I'm a FTM and don't have to work and even I get tired and sore just doing chores, cooking and getting LO's things ready. I couldn't even imagine how I'd be in your place right now... oh ya I would be the exact same way! LOL You need the time off to let your body do it's thing.

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  • I'm right with you with my annoyance factor too.  Frankly, sis and DH can have a nice steaming cup of shut the heck up since they have never been pregnant.  Mom needs to understand that everyone's pregnancy and situation is different and she can't compare her experience to yours.  And while you're at it, ask her to show you the trophy that she received for working up until she delivered you and your sis.  What?  She didn't get one?  So much for that argument.

    I lasted 37 weeks on my job and had to take my leave because I was having premature contractions (I'm an RN and on my feet for 12 hrs).  Yeah, I worked up until I delivered with my first, but I was also at a desk job and sat on my rear all day.  The more physically demanding the job, the more achy and high risk pre-term you will be.  Hang in there.

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