3rd Trimester

I'm annoyed by....anything and everything!!

Today, I told DH that this was the last day that I was attending church because everytime I stood, the pressure in my crotch was unbearable.  Same thing when we took our son to the park, I planted my can on a bench and watched because I can't stand too long because the varicose veins in my left leg make it unbearable--even wearing those non-super sexy compression hose don't help.  

 I know I can't control when she shows up (unless I get induced or schedule a c-section which I don't want to do) but I HATE having DH and my in-laws (who've been in town for 2 weeks, btw) CONSTANTLY asking me if I've had any contractions lately...every 5 to 10 minutes.  I pretty much said today, "When I go into labor, I'll let you know." 

I know it's because I feel like I'm 11 months pregnant right now, but I've been extremely uncomfortable/exhausted and in pain for the last 2 weeks. I'm ready for my baby to make her appearance so I can return to normal.

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Re: I'm annoyed by....anything and everything!!

  • I can relate. Everything is getting on my nerves. My mom calls and repeats everything and it drive me nuts. When I tell her we already talked about that 2 days ago we gets nasty and tells he how grouchy I am. Well if you think I'm too grouchy for you...don't call me. Grrr. 
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  • I feel your pain!!!  Everything is annnoying these days--- especially poor DH!!  He can't do anything right, lol.  I think I blame him for getting me into this situation.  ;)
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