3rd Trimester

Lower back/pelvic pain

I will be 38 weeks on tuesday, and have been suffering from sharp pains in my lower back/pelvic area for most of the day. It has been so painful at times that it made walking difficult, and i've been uncomfortable all day since I was on my feet. I have also had it radiate down to my knees at times. I have had pain in my pelvis before from expanding, but this a lot more extreme. I am half afraid to call the doctor, since I received some nasty kicks to the stomach last saturday, (i'm a dog groomer) and had to call in and eventually go in and be put on the monitor, and I figure the doctor will think im nuts. Does this sound like I should be concerned about labor, or take a hot bath and make friends with my heating pad??

Re: Lower back/pelvic pain

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