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"Mom" Jeans

Hi all!  My work, typically business casual, has decided for the next 5 weeks to be business casual + jeans.  So, since NOTHING I have pre-preg fits (as far as jeans goes), I was wondering where everyone has gone to purchase their post-preg jeans.  I'm only about 5-7 lbs over my pre-preg weight, but my body shape is not the same as it was! 

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Re: "Mom" Jeans

  • For post baby Old Navy's Sweetheart bootcut jeans or Dockers trouser jeans fit me best.  Plus they are cheap so if they only fit well for a few months its no big deal. 
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  • Haha...I was going to recommend ON as well. They still might have their $19.99 sale on jeans going on. They also just came out with different styles and cuts which I found helpful for my current post preggo body
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  • I wear CK Long and Leans.

    I love them. Good fit. Not skanky. Not mom-ish. Holds shape and no weird stretch issues.

    They're like $70.00 a pair but I buy them at Herberger's where there's always a sale or a coupon so I've never paid for than $40.00ish for them.

    I also love my A. Eagle jeans for some reason. Some of the fits are obviously teen but some are very good, esp. for short little me.

  • I get mine @ the buckle. My favorites are "big star" jeans. I am on the shorter side, and love that they do free hemming as well.
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  • "5-7 lbs over my pre-preg weight, but my body shape is not the same as it was"

     Same here!  I just stuff myself into my pre-preg jeans and throw a belly band on under a longer shirt to smooth everything out. LOL still working on getting rid of that extra skin around the midsection.  But, this way I didn't have to buy new jeans...for now.  Hoping I can get my body back to some sense of normalcy before it's time for spring/summer clothes...but the belly band has been a temporary lifesaver.  Good luck! .  

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  • Another vote for Old Navy. I love the Sweetheart jeans. 
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  • I found some cute jeans at JCPenny.  
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