3rd Trimester

What are your post-pregnancy weight loss plans

Are you planning to join a mommy boot camp? Walking? Go back to the gym? Calorie counting?

Re: What are your post-pregnancy weight loss plans

  • I want to start by taking the baby on a lot of walks. I'm hoping to get back to the gym and I think if I sign up for a 10k in October that I will have more motivation to do that!
  • Lots of walking, probably cut out of the junk I've been eating (bad carbs, soda and sweets!) and start slowing back into P90X... def doing yoga when I can .... hopefully have the time to do everything! 

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  • My H used to be a personal trainer, and he said that once I am cleared by my doctor to start exercising again he is going to start taking me to the gym and lose the baby weight, and a few extra pounds that I have hanging around. 
  • weight watchers.. worked great after #2.
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  • I'm interested to hear other's input.  I haven't labored before and prior to conceiving I had a mostly paleo diet and was big on crossfit / circuit training / plyometrics as well as hiking.  I don't know how soon I'll be able to get back to that type of workout regimen, though, but I figure as long as I can get it some crunches, squats and burpees I should be okay!

    Hubby and I were hoping to do a Tough Mudder or Warrior Dash event this year, too.  Oh well.

  • I'm going to start off walking, and the move on to Couch to 5k. Hopefully between breastfeeding and that I can get back to pre-pregnancy.
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  • With two kiddos under 2 I'm going to be plenty active/tired. I'm just going to do my best to eat well and get outside with them whenever possible. I'll also be breastfeeding again (hopefully) so that requires more calories anyway. I also want to take Connor to swimming lessons this summer. 

    It took me about a year to get down to my pre-pregnancy weight last time and I'm expecting that again... maybe a little less since I've gained less.  

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  • i signed up with a personal trainer 2 days a week for motivation!  we got prego almost immediately after getting married, and i had gained a little too much weight before then anyway, so i need to take that off too.  I too want to do marathons and what not, so I have them posted up on my fridge for motivation too!!  my hubby and i are very active, so we made sure to get a rough and tumble stroller and a carrier for the baby so we can still walk and hike and what not.

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  • starting with walking ~ going to be spring and nice out (hopefully).  just need to master stroller & 95lbs dog at the same time.  In the summer I am going to sign up for a stroller boot camp in the park.  And go back to watching what I eat .... been 8 months of I am hungry feed me now choices!!!!


  • I've never been an exercizer.  I'm going to take lots of walks around the neighborhood, trail hiking and swimming this summer and watching what I eat.  I'll also be breastfeeding/pumping for as long as I can manage, which should help.

  • Weight watchers and the Y (free child watch- score!).
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  • I've had great success with my Lose It! app on my iPhone, so I'll be using that again to track my food intake.  Then, lots of walking/elliptical machine and hopefully some playing in the park with LO and the dogs on the weekends.
  • I'm going to jump on My Fitness Pal again and monitor my calories/nutrition. Also, breastfeeding and pumping really helped burn calories last time. Since this is a Spring baby I'll be making use of the track a few minutes down the road and pushing the stroller around that as many times as I can handle!
  • With DD # 1, Once I got home from the hospital I only ate really healthy and cut out all junk, sweets, ect.  That seemed to help a lot since the first few weeks you can't do much else physically.  Then I added walking every day into the mix.  Once I got the go ahead from the Dr. to exercise again I went back to the gym.  I'm hoping I can do this again.  I lost all the baby weight by the time DD was 3.5 months so I kind of have that in my mind that I will be to my normal weight by September and hopefully I can be :-) The only thing I'm worried about is, now we live in Florida so it's not like I can just take the baby on a walk since it's so much hotter out in the summer.  Also I don't have a double stroller since DD will be 3 when this one is born and I don't see the need for it at this point.

    I think what I'm going to do is when DH gets home from work I will go to the gym and walk on the treadmill until I get the go ahead to really start working out, so get some activity in.  I feel like it's going to be harder this time around since I will have two kids to look after, but it's important to me so I'm going to try as best I can.

  • I'm going to do my best to eat healthy meals and slowly ease my way back into being a vegetarian. I'll probably try to walk with my LO every day and I'm debating starting a program like weight watchers! We will see though. To be honest I'm not that concerned. Weight loss is my last priority. I just want to be a good mom!
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  • Changing my diet (eliminating sweets and eating healthier), walking after the baby is born, and running (when I'm cleared for exercise).

  • With 3 kids. Nothing much. Might cut back on the size of meal & breastfeeding helped me a lot in my 2 previous pregnancies... Big Smile I usually snapback well....



  • I'm a former marathon runner turned gym rat. I plan on going to the gym for cardio and weights, but we also have P90X at home and I am considering doing that instead. I'll start the intense work outs once I get clearance from my doctor, but I plan to start walking ASAP after birth. As always, I will watch what I eat, but I do not belive in calorie counting.

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  • Signed up for a half marathon that I will need to start training for as soon as I get the clear from the doctor.  Can't wait to start running again without this baby bump!  I forgot what it was like to run without it!
  • breastfeeding, lots of walking, also I just started a supervised exercise program so hopefully i can continue after the baby comes.


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  • I haven't stopped going to the gym and don't plan to until I'm literally about to pop! I'm still doing the same workout I've done for months, about half as much as what I did pre-preg. Hopefully I will be back at the gym with DH doing tag-team workouts pretty soon after the birth. My gym accepts 6 weeks old into their childwatch so at that point I'll be able to ramp it right back up.
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  • Once I'm cleared for activity, I'll start with taking DS for walks in our new neighborhood (we'll be in a new house about 6 weeks before he's born).  I also got Zumba for Wii Fit for Christmas, so I hope to be able to use that as well.
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  • Honestly, my biggest thing this time is to not eat crap and everything in sight while BFing. I was not prepared to have DD at 35 weeks so we wound up eating really crappy for a month or two until I got things back under control. Freezer meals and needing to eat healthy with DD should also really help.

    Besides that, I am just really hoping that BFing works as well as it did last time to melt weight off. I gained 40 lbs, and didn't really do anything to lose it, and lost all but 5 without trying. I found that anything except for walking caused supply hits, but it will be summer this time, so it will be much easier  to get out and walk. I also started doing insanity around 9 months pp and loved it. But then I got pregnant again. Hopefully I can start insanity around 6 months this time.

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  • Going back to what I was doing before LO but modified to include her...

    Counting calories (or at least watching portion sizes), treadmill for at least 1/2 an hour a day working my way up to an hour, and when it's nice outside I want to try to go for walks outside with LO.

    I live in a pretty small town too so I might try to walk to the grocery store when we just need one or two small things or walk to one of the restaurants in town every other week or something for lunch just to get out of the house.

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  • I did Weight Watchers after having both of my other kids and loved it.  I will probably do that again and take baby walking a lot.  I started running shortly before I found out I was pregnant.  I am not a runner at all and since it was such a new activity to my body, I stopped.  I loved it though.  I hope to get back to that at some point. 
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    Weight Watchers and walking with LO.
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  • Be careful all of you who are planning on working out hard right away! It is hard to keep up a good supply if your bfing if you loose too much weight right way though diet and exercise. You still need almost an extra 300 cal a day since you are still providing your child with all of their nutrients.

    My plan is to bf and play out side with my boys. 

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  • For the beginning, watching what I eat and my regularly-scheduled dog and baby walks.  When I get more into a rhythm, I'll start running again and I'll going to sign up for a barre class.  If the pounds aren't dropping, then I'll join WW at that point.  WW helped a lot pre-wedding, so I think it's awesome.

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    I want to start by taking the baby on a lot of walks. I'm hoping to get back to the gym and I think if I sign up for a 10k in October that I will have more motivation to do that!
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    I want to start by taking the baby on a lot of walks. I'm hoping to get back to the gym and I think if I sign up for a 10k in October that I will have more motivation to do that!

     This is my EXACT plan!

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