2nd Trimester

Why am I now more exhausted than ever?

I'm 20 weeks tomorrow, so I'm well into my 2nd trimester, and I have less energy than ever.

DH gets up around 4:30am or 5am to leave for work. I get up with him and make him breakfast, then I try to stay up and we both go to bed about 8 or 9pm (woohoo!). But lately, I've been going to bed with him around 8 or 9, getting in 6 or 7 hours of sleep, and still I'm too tired to stay awake. As soon as he's out the door, I go to bed. I set my alarm for 7am but keep hitting snooze until I finally wake up around 9:30 or even 10am.

So I'm getting between 9 and 10 hours of sleep every night, but during the day I'm so tired I have to fight to stay awake. DH says it's because I'm not very active, so I've started walking the dog every day, but when I get back I'm so tired I can't get off the couch (and I'm lucky if I don't fall asleep again).

I thought tiredness was meant to go away in the 2nd trimester? This is worse than my 1st trimester (I had to nap once a day, but then I felt fine). What is going on?

Re: Why am I now more exhausted than ever?

  • I'm feeling similiar.  For the first few weeks of the 2nd tri I felt like I was starting to get my energey back.  I am now 21 weeks and I'm feeling really tired at work once it is about 2:00 in the afternoon.  I think that a) I'm not being active enough - so now that the spring weather is starting, I'm trying to get outside more b) I'm waking up more at night now and finding it difficult to get comfy. 

    I've also been crazy hungry the last few weeks, so I wonder if it could be something in my nutrition.  That's something you could always get checked out too.  I'm trying to work more veggies and protein into my diet and I'm hoping that helps.

    But I think some fatigue is inevitable.  Our bodies are working really hard to grow a little person.

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  • You two have my worried now.  I am just hitting 20 wks and i feel great. It sounds like my days could be numbered. 
  • I don't have any answers for you unfortunately but I can tell you I am in the same boat with you! Especially in the mornings it is SO hard to not keep hitting the snooze button. Wish I could curl up under my desk at work and take a couple of cat naps everyday. :)

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  • im on the same boat girls, but i know why im exhausted....im not sleeping very well.  constantly having to pee, especially if i turn and then im wide awake...i guess my body is getting ready, but why cant it get ready in my last trimester??
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