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Anyone find potty training panties for LOs that are extra small

After posting last night about having to wrestle my sweet DD for a diaper change, I put a little more thought into the possibility of testing the waters of potty training.  So, today we headed out to find some training panties, however all of them I could find are 2T and she is nowhere close to 2T.  As far as waist size she is closer to 12mo., although we do 12-18 or 18mo for pants, because we need the length, and her diaper helps keep them up.  So, wondering if anyone has had to buy training panties for LOs that are pretty small? She is 23 lbs.


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Re: Anyone find potty training panties for LOs that are extra small

  • I've never seen any smaller than a 2T.  I would pick up a small pack of 2T's and just try them out.  I feel like most of the undies that Stella has run small.  I had to buy up a size for them to fit comfortably.  The 2T's may be a bit loose but I would give it a try!
  • DD has some cotton panties that are thicker tan reg. panties from Target, in 12-24 and 18-24 months. I found them in the last row, with the bodysuits. Hth
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  • I agree they run small. Hayden's undies are a 4T and he barely wears a 3T in shirts and a 2T in pants.
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  • Super skivvies on Etsy. True trainers in XS. 
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  • We got princess undies from Wal-mart that are a small 2T.  They fit Penny when she was still in 18 months clothes.  I had a similar problem finding small underwear when we were potty training.
  • I've not found any smaller than 2T and had the same problem.  My experience is that the carters 2T fit much better than any of the 2T I got from Target and are more comfy.
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  • I actually just found a pair of training panties in size 18 months at Meijer.  The brand is Gerber so maybe you can find them elsewhere if you don't have a Meijer.  We haven't used them yet... just ramping up to start slowly introducing.  

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