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BLW - not eating much at 11 Months?

We've been BLW since LO was 6 months old and she loves chewing on a wide variety of food. Most of it ends up on her, she kind of chews it up and spits it out. With most fruits, she sucks it dry and spits out the skins. I guess she's getting what she needs and is still nursing but when will she actually start swallowing the food?

I know I shouldn't compare but her friends seem to eat so much more and seem more interested at meal times. LO is a grazer and just seems to still nibble, and continues to nurse quite a bit. Anyone else's LO do this too?

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Re: BLW - not eating much at 11 Months?

  • My daughter turned a year old on Valentines day and she still does not eat a tone of solids. She likes just about everything we give her but she only eats a tiny amount of it before she is done. She has very slowly been increasing her intake of solids but she still gets most of her "food" from nursing. Her Doctor says she is healthy and everything looks great so I am not worried about it.
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  • Some days DD eats a lot, some not so much.  I wouldn't worry, since food under one is just for fun :-)

    It will probably change when she is getting the majority of her nutrition from actual food and not milk/formula.

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  • Like PP, DD has days here and there where she eats a ton, but most days she doesn't eat much and pretty much does what you're describing. I will say that the fruit skins she does swallow (blueberries especially) come out in her poo completely undigested, so your LO isn't missing anything there! :) She still nurses a lot (at least 4-5 times/day and 3-4 times/overnight) and we aren't planning to wean until 2 or later, so I try not to worry about it.
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  • My DD does the same thing, she chews things and spits them out, she will occasionally swallow a little, but not very much. I still offer her a lot of purees because I could not get her to even put anything else into her mouth until recently (although we have been trying since 6 months).

    My pedi also wasn't very concerned, she said every baby is different and she has seen other babies not even take any solids until 11 months. She said to just keep offering and if we were concerned with her weight gain when we weaned her from formula, we could always supplement with pediasure.

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  • My DD is only 10 months and is the same way. She is willing to try and likes anything, but still doesn't always eat a lot. She still nurses every 3-4 hours so I guess she's still more interested in that.
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