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I have never had depression (that I know of), however, I have a 2 year old at home and one on the way coming in under two weeks and I have been feeling really down. I am worried I may be suffering from depression. I am worried though if I talk to the peditrician about it - will they take your baby away? What will they do? I remember having to take all those tests after my daughter was born during her appts. and I was feeling great so I didnt have any concerns. Any one out there dealing with depression? What do they do - just prescribe you something? What does that medication do - does it actually help? or maybe I am just tired of being pregnant - help!! I need advice!



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Re: Depression...

  • I have been diagnosed with depression quite a few years back... and for the last 2 years or so, I have not taken my meds as I weaned myself off of them... but with talking to my H, I am going to get put back on them after LO is here... I would DEFF talk to your doctor about it!!! 

    I would also check out the PPD board on here... its not too busy over there, but nice to talk to others with the same things going on... (its more than just PPD, I have talked about APD, and now talk to another May mom almost every day about it, and other things as well, Its nice to talk to others about what you are going through, and same with them.


  • No, they will not take your baby away - unless you express thoughts about harming your children. 

    They will probably suggest either medication (antidepressants) or talk therapy.  Since you are so close to giving birth, they will probably suggest waiting until giving birth to start on the antidepressants (they are safer for breastfeeding than while pregnant, although some are safe while pregnant as well, just not super well-studied).  Therapy can also help immensely, and that is where I would start, particularly if it is mild depression.

    I've suffered depression for years, and I needed both medication and therapy. I've been off meds for this pregnancy and my therapist has really helped me through - but knowing my risk for post partum I will probably start antidepressants very shortly after giving birth.

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  • No, they will absolutely NOT take your baby away.  They have no reason to, right? You're only asking for help.  

    Many women have this same fear, though.  They end up suffering needlessly because they're afraid of being judged or some sort of repercussion.  Definitely talk to your MD, (I'd suggest OB).  They should be able to give you a referral to therapist and/or medicine depending on what your symptoms are.  

    Good luck!! 

  • My mw recommended me going to therapy when I talked to her about this at my last appointment and if that didn't help she wants me on Zolaf sp? before lo is born since they take up to two weeks to work and they would rather have them on board if you are having a lot of depression issues when the baby is born. But just not being happy is not necessarily a sign of depression it could just be hormones which is why most dr and mw would rather have you start off with therapy as long as you are still eating, sleeping, and taking care of yourself and your children and of course as long as you don't want to hurt yourself or your children.

    I would talk to your dr and a good friend about how you are feeling I know after I did I was able to start dealing with my feelings and I know I am not truly depressed just dealing with a lot of feelings and hormones that I need to deal with. 

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  • I've suffered for a few years, and the most important thing you can do is seek help from a gp, therapist, whomever you need to. Start now so they have an idea of what's going on before you deliver and can monitor you after. 


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