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Birthday Party Timing Question

I am in the beginning stages of my daughter's birthday party. I plan to have the invitations made around early April, that way I could address them and have them in the mail by the end of April. 

I was wondering how long is your party? What time are you doing? Right now my daughter takes a consistent nap around 9:30am--and it lasts for about 2-3 hours. Afternoon nap right now is always iffy--more times than not she doesn't take one. And I know she will be excited with people that day, so I doubt an afternoon nap will happen. I was thinking between 1-3 or 1-4.

How long is your party going to be? What is the time frame? 

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Re: Birthday Party Timing Question

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    Our party is 12:30-3pm. 

    DD naps twice a day and isn't dropping her second nap anytime soon. But her naps are generally 1-1.5h. She usually naps 1130-1, but we plan to get her up earlier on party day. We hope to let her nap from 1030-12, party, then nap again at 3:30/4. Should work out perfectly...fingers crossed!

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  • I am just putting the finishing touches on Chloe's birthday invitations.  We are having the party start at 1, she goes down for her first nap at 11 and it last till about 12:30/1.  Most of the people attending are family members from out of town so there is no end time as they will either stay because they are sleeping here or stay till well after dinner before heading to their hotels.  There may be a about 5 guests that aren't family and we aren't worrying about giving them a specific end time as many of them have kids and will have to leave after an hour or so anyways.
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  • Our party is at a restaurant a half hour away and starts at noon.  It will be over at two.  I will do my best to get her to take a morning nap.  Sometimes she does, sometimes she doesn't.  Otherwise, she will nap on the way there and most likely on the way home.  It's one day.  We'll deal with it.  :)
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  • Andrew's party will be 1-3. On weekends he takes a later morning nap and sleeps ~ 10:30-12:30. His afternoon nap is normally after 3:00 so the timing should work out.
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  • We're having ours at 3, and I'm assuming most people will be gone by 5. I just went to another 1st birthday, and the time frame worked out nicely. The birthday girl was actually finishing her afternoon nap as the guests arrived, so she was fresh and rested for the party.
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