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Intro with birth story

Hi ladies I just wanted to Intro and share my birth story with you all as I'm very excited to move over here with you all.

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Sorry I haven't updated since she was born things have been a whirl wind. We are having a lot of trouble breast feeding, Olivia had to send 24 hours in the hospital under the bili lights due to dangerously high bilirubin levels, and shes not back to birth weight yet, but other then these few bumps in the road things have been great, and we are so happy and just in love!


So here is the short version of our birth story..

Monday 2.20.12 I was sent to L&D for increase swelling, headache and a BP of 180/80.

When we got to the hospital I was about a half centimeter dilated at 5pm on Monday so they placed a foley bulb which dilated me to 3 cm in a few hours, started pit and then we were off! I was on high doses of Pit so I had to have internal monitoring, which meant they had to break my water. I labored with no epidural or pain medication for over 18 hours and made it to 7CM. I got stuck at 7cm and my wonderful DR that took over for my midwife let me labor at 7cm for 5 hours before the c-section talk. At 9pm on Tuesday while I sat on the toilet  my Dr said we would have to start thinking about a section soon since we had no progress in over 5 hours. I was on max Pit and he said he was worried that due to her size she may have moved since I was having adequate contractions and should be progressing.

At this point after over 19 hours the nurses talked me into the epidural since I was going to the OR anyways. They hoped that maybe if I was relaxed I would dilate the last few CM. Getting the epidural was the worst part of my whole labor! I felt defeated and could no longer focus or breath though my contractions( I was using hypnobirthing) Everyone in the room said I held my sh!t together but I felt a mess. After the epi was in I felt a ton of pressure so kinda of excited I had the nurses check me. While  she was digging for my cervix I remember saying "If your digging that hard she is obviously not right there" the nurses come back was

" well your not dumb are you"  My MD came in and checked me and I was 5cm WTF and he could no longer feel her head. She had moved and once her head was no longer pushing on my cervix  I was not gonna dilate anymore. So off to the OR I went.

Olivia Anne was born at 1059 on 2.21.12  6lbs 5oz at 36weeks and 5 days Apgar of 9/9. She is perfect!

Here is my little Glow Worm under the Bili lights


Here is my little peanut at 8 days old



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?Lots of love and luck to all the 3T girls?

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