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DS stopped STTN at 4 months...

Our DS just turned 6 months old today! I have a quick question for all you ladies who have moved beyond the 6 month mark now. My DS was sleeping through the night for about 2 months. He started rolling back to belly at 4 months and we had to stop swaddling him (now we use a sleep sack with his arms free). As soon as we stopped the swaddling, he stopped sleeping through the night. However, I can't complain too much because he really only wakes up once a night, for maybe 40-50 minutes. DH and I trade off nights to get up with him for a feeding and a diaper change. Putting him back to sleep is not an issue, we put him down drowsy but awake and he drifts off fine. I have been reading so much about the various sleep training methods and am wondering if we should let him CIO during his late-night wakeful moments (4-5 am, usually). I am hesitant to do so because when he wakes up, it escalates from a little fuss to full-on bawling very quickly, and he usually has a very wet diaper, and I don't want to leave him uncomfortable. We have a very laid-back little guy and he really only fusses when he needs something. At the same time, I have read that by this age they should be able to self-soothe and make it through the night without a feeding. What have other moms in this situation done? Let the baby lead, or work on getting him to self-soothe?

Re: DS stopped STTN at 4 months...

  • What do you consider STTN? I would say that a 6-8 hour stretch without a feed should definitely be do-able but your LO may not be ready for anything longer.  My 7.5 month old goes to bed at 7pm, wakes anywhere from 3-5 for a feed and then usually is ready to be up by 6:30 at the latest.  I bedshare from when DH leaves for work (6:15) until I'm ready to get essentially, DS lays there quietly and sometimes sleeps until about 7am.
  • I could have written this EXACTLY.  This is what we went through for about 6 weeks.  Slowly, it started to move until 5.   At that point I just let  him be up for the day-sucked, but at least he wasn't eating during the middle of the night, ya know?  We moved his bedtime back to 8, that helped too.  I would say your DS is ready, but you might could wait it out for another couple of weeks, too.  

    You might also try overnight diapers?


    Good luck! 

  • It seems that you guys seem to be okay with the only one waking. My opinion is that you should base your reaction more on what you feel is right...and less on what others say should be happening. Upwards of 30% of babies at 1 year of age are still waking at night (as quoted by Health Canada). I would personally not even come close to considering letting my child CIO for only one waking at night...especially when it truly seems like he needs you
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