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Progesterone suppositories:TMI

So just started the suppositories last night.  I've never used it before.  Discharge question.  Can I use a tampon?  These crappy kotex pads, that I got with a coupon, suck.  Did anyone else use a tampon instead of panty liner?


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Re: Progesterone suppositories:TMI

  • Honestly, I don't think the tampon is going to absorb the goo from the supp and therefore you are going to have it all just sitting up there...I would use a pad personally.  Progesterone supps are totally gross but honestly better out than keeping that all up in there.
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  • Ugh.  I started the this week and they are just gross.  RE said no tampons as they need your body to absorb the medicine vs wicking it away with a tampon.  It has to be pads.  
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  • Yep, no tampons whatsoever.

    Plus, it's not safe to wear a tampon when you do not have your period. The risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome goes way up.

  • They are horrible. They leak at night and make a mess, but tampons are a no no!! Your body needs to asorb that so just stick with pads.
  • I start mine on Monday.  My RE said no tampons....just passing that info along.
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  • Grossness confirmed as well.  Pantyliners worked some days, but an upgrade to a pad might be necessary.
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  • I started these too.


    I'm not phased by the dildo cam, or having strangers up in my vagina, but I can not take these. UGH UGH. And, I feel like I reek. ALL. THE. TIME. 


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  •  Yaah, this is gross.  Thanks for your help.  The supps Rx came with NO information and searching the internet was totally fruitless.  I knew I could count on the bumpies :)

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