Success after IF

What would you do with 300.00....

that had to be spent on you, and not on a practical thing?


DH has a new job, and I am now full time. When DH changed positions, he got a little 'bonus' of sorts as his old job paid out his vacation days. He got himself some hunting stuff, we paid off some little bills, got the kids summer wardrobes started, and got new couches for the house. So, it is my turn!


I was thinking about a Coach purse from the outlet near us. Maybe that is lame, but I have not gotten a new purse since I was pregnant with Lincoln, and I think it would be fun to do it! 

Re: What would you do with 300.00....

  • The coach purse would be nice but I would want a spa weekend away with a girlfriend. 12 hours sleep, a massage, facial and a few glasses of wine with dinner is my idea of bliss right now.
  • Buy some new clothes. I am doing WW and am dropping pounds and a size. 
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  • The purse will last a long time, so good suggestion....bit that spa day that pp suggested sounds amazing!
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  • A massage and hair cut/color and maybe a new shirt.
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  • I'd probably go away for a couple of nights with the hubby.
  • If you go to the outlet you could totally get a new Coach purse and still have money left for a massage and dinner with a friend! 
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  • image Melicakes:
    If you go to the outlet you could totally get a new Coach purse and still have money left for a massage and dinner with a friend! 

    I like this idea!

    SPEND IT ON YOU! I'm the worst about that. When I get money I can spen on me I always end up spending it on Isabel.

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  • I'd either get a new purse or something for my house. 

    Have fun shopping! :)  

    Two years, two rounds of IVF, AH, ICSI & Acupuncture brought us sweet baby G born 10/20/11

  • I'm a big nerd, so I'd have a lampshade made for my bridge lamp. 

    And if that doesn't technically count as spending the money on me, then jewelry. I've been thinking I'd like to start getting gold bangle bracelets.  Seems like the type of thing I could buy as nice souvenirs when I travel or when DH travels.

    Have fun!

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  • The purse would be an option.  Or clothes because I need them badly.

    Have fun!


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  • A tory burch gold clutch.   

    I'd go for the purse for sure!   

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  • I only carry a diaper bag these days, so I agree about the spa weekend. I just went away for 2 days last month and I wish it was a week!!
  • I would get a baby sitter, book a night in a local hotel and have a nice night out with the hubby and sleep in the next day.
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  • I'm having the same problem, although I can't decide what I want to do with the money. My options are, a new coach bag, pandora bracelet, or an iphone. It's been so long since I got something for ME!!
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  • you could prob get a Coach purse and a matching wallet with that at an outlet....go out spend, and have fun!!

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  • I second the Coach purse, I'd do that in a heartbeat. Or buy CLOTHES!
  • Ohh I was just there last week..... they have lots of cute things!!! Go for it :)
    Dx: PCOS/Amenorrhea/Anovulatory/lining problems. Clomid = BFN's. Lots of cancelled cycles due to thin lining or cysts. IUI#1= Follistim, estrace and endometrin = BFN IUI#2= Repronex, follistim, viagra suppositories and endometrin= BFN. IUI#3= Repronex, follistim, viagra suppositories, femtrace and endometrin= BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isabella born in June via C-section!!!!! She is so incredible! Went back to RE to TTC#2 and got a WONDERFUL surprise!! Baby #2 on their way!! My Beautiful son Liam born Feb, 2011!! Lilypie image Lilypie First Birthday tickers
  • Well we just got te same kind of bonus.. And I went out and got myself some new cloths.. Even though I have like 15lbs to lose after I had A I still needed some stuff now.. So I went to JCrew and had them pull outfits for me that actually fit! Yes it was hard to spend that much but I would rather buy a few qualtiy pieces then some crappy ones.. So go shopping for sure!  

  • I would get a massage and then buy some nice skincare and makeup products.  Yay for surprise money!
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