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Beta #3 in

So there's definitely at least one little bean in there all snuggling in and make him/herself at home.  First beta (17dpiui) 900, second (19dpiui) 1600, and third (21dpiui) 3218.  Even though it didn't double between the 1st and 2nd, the nurse said they multiply it by 1.7 and want it over that, and it was.  First u/s is scheduled for 3/14 (6w3d) and then they do another around 8 weeks.  

DS was born on Oct 30, this one is due on Nov 4, and my birthday is Nov 5.  I see a lot of joint birthday parties in my future...  :)

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TTC since Sept 06
Diagnosed with MFI (azoospermia - no sperm) in Sept 07
Two IUIs with donor sperm resulted in one amazing little boy!
Beta#1 =120 Beta #2 = 511 Beta #3 = 1155

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Round Two = Twins!
Beta#1=900 Beta#2=1600 Beta#3=3218

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