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*lurker* pictures sunday.

we have family / easter pictures on sunday.
it's our first set since DD is born.
the girls at the studio have ideas for the easter pictures for the kids.
but, i don't know what to do for the family pictures. well i guess you could say, i don't know what "clothing/theme" to go with.

anyone have cute ideas? TIA 

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Re: *lurker* pictures sunday.

  • I wouldn't over think it. Maybe pick up some of the colors your kids are wearing in your own outfit. Your don't have to be all matchy. Hope that makes sense. GL
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  • bunny suits for everyone ;p

    Awkward Family Photos will come knocking and make you famous!

    in all seriousness, agree with PP - coordinating/complimentary colours but not matchy (avoid all blue jeans and white shirts, for ex) 

    you can image google family photo clothing ideas and a ton of style boards come up.


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