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Movement - anyone still doing kick counts?

Hi all, I noticed this lil guy has been decidedly less active today. Still moving if I eat cookies - but that's about it. If it keeps up, I'll go in for some monitoring. Is anyone still counting?

Re: Movement - anyone still doing kick counts?

  • I'm still counting but some days I can get counts in faster than others.  Today I drank a Coke while working because I felt like she'd been "too quiet".  I also use my doppler a lot at home.  I think it's a double-edge sword though because I'd heard that once our little ones settle in, they don't have a lot of room to move.  It could explain things, but I know I still worry a little too!
  • Yup, twice a day.  I have to since I am high risk.  If your worried it is always best to go in.  
  • I only count if she's been super super quiet. My doc said to drink milk or juice, lay on my side and if she moves 10 times in an hour she's totally fine. They're just running out of room in there, he also mentioned that their sleep cycles are longer which is a big reason for a decrease in movement later on in pregnancy.


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  • I don't do kick counts (my doctor never requested it), but she did say if I thought he was less active and nothing was getting him moving and grooving (i.e. juice, left side, candy, etc) to call. I pretty much just use my own judgement. Most days, he's so active that I don't think I could even count the kicks fast enough, but others he is pretty quiet.

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  • My doctor hasn't mentioned kick counts to me, but I know about them from you ladies and doing my research.  I really panicked myself yesterday, but luckily I had an appt anyway so I was able to confirm a heartbeat, etc. 

    I have noticed a MAJOR decrease in movement lately, but it's coincided with her dropping into my pelvis so I don't know how much of that is because she doesn't have as much space.  It's really added to my anxiety.  

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