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Wow really? Who says that to a kid..

So myself, DS and our new LO were on our way out to the park when there was this old guy from our building in our elevator. DS usually likes to press the button on the elevator (L for Lobby) so when he got into the elevator and saw it was pressed already he made a little noise "Oh! It's already pushed! Awwwwwww already pushed!" nothing major. Well the old guy looks at him and says sternly "why can't you be more like HER?!" referring to DS 2 in his stroller. Then when DS 1 says "we're getting off at 3" the old guy says "oh you'll be in big trouble getting off there, there's a big GIANT on the 3rd floor!". Not being funny, like he was actually trying to scare DS! What the HECK is that about!! I was so shocked I did not say anything...who says that to a little kid, honestly... >_<  Luckily DS did not seem to hear him, but I will know if he's scared if next time we go on the elevator he mentions a giant on the 3rd floor (he talks about things that scare him for AGES after it happens).  I just had to share because I'm so shocked. 

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Re: Wow really? Who says that to a kid..

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