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Fiesty Girl is Back! *Adalyn Update 2/25*

Hello everyone!! Adalyn has had an AMAZING day today! Let's get started with the update!

She is now completely off the antibiotics and her chest x-ray looked better today than yesterday.  This morning, her blood gas was great and her settings on the oscillating vent were very low.  Her heartrate was on the lower side of where she had been (although not dangerously low or anything) and so her MD ordered an EKG on her.  Before that, however, he had them change her from the oscillating vent to the conventional vent. So, yay! The EKG was completely normal, so he just had the nurses have her stay on her belly for a while and that seemed to do the trick.  It was kind of ridiculous seeing them try to put all the 12-leads of the EKG on her since she was so tiny.  Luckily, she had just enough room to get them all on there!

She was still oxygenating well when they switched her, and when I came to see her at 2pm her settings on the conventional vent were the lowest they've been in a while because of a great blood gas! I wasn't able to get here for her 5pm Hands On, so I called and spoke with her nurse around 6:30pm or so to see how her 5pm blood gas went. Evidently, Adalyn heard the nurse and the RT talk about how excellent her blood gas was because at 5:30pm she decided to pull the tube out herself! So, since the tube was out, they decided to try the CPAP mask on her. 

At 8pm they did another blood gas, and it was once again wonderful! So, yay! She gets to stay on the CPAP for now.  She has been oxygenating well on the CPAP.  Now, it is important to keep in mind that just because she is on the CPAP does not mean that she can't go back to the vent if her blood gas gets worse.  However, this is a victory because at least it is time NOT spent on the vent! :)

Since she doesn't have the tube down her throat, I actually was able to hear her cry tonight! Granted, it is NOT like a regular baby cry, more like a kitten meow, but it was her making noise! It was very nice hearing something OTHER than machines beeping in her room. :) 

Feeding and Weight
She is up to 19ml every 3 hours and she is tolerating her feedings very well.  She actually went down 20grams in weight today to 950grams from 970grams.  She is still 2 pounds 2 ounces.  They told us to not be surprised if she doesn't gain much and/or loses some, since that now she has to do all the breathing, she is going to be using more energy.  My pumping is still going strong, and today I logged 38 ounces! I am so fortunate to have so much, and I'm just going to keep pumping as long as I can!

They had to change Adalyn's bedding and the nurse had me hold her! It was the first time that I got to hold her!! The RT also said that they could take the mask off for a moment so that we could take a picture of her whole face! It was so incredibly awesome!! Today has definitely been a good day!  Let's hope that she continues on this path and that we have several good days in a row!! 
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