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Linden or/and chamomile?

My 10 month old will not sleep at night at all. He was such a great sleeper! He is teething now and the upper four teeth are breaking the skin out at the same time and i figure it most be painful at night can i give him linden tea or chamomile tea to soothe his pain and relax him before bedtime I am so tired all the time :-( :,(

Re: Linden or/and chamomile?

  • Honestly, I wouldn't. Mostly because it isn't going to help. Do you give him tylenol? Tea isn't going to make his teeth stop hurting. Most likely you are just going to have to suck it up and deal with it, it won't last long.


  • I heard some people saying they make ice cubes out of chamomile tea and put it in the fruit mesh. We give a little tylenol before bed. Good luck!
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