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My husband loves this name for a Boy.  I know that it orig was a boy's name but has been used for quite a few girls.  My fear is that children and people today will associate it more with girls than boys and my son will be picked on.  What do you all think of Morgan as a Boys name?

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  • too girly.  I only know girls with this name.
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  • c/p from old post (because my thoughts have not changed):

    I don't like it at all for girls, makes me cringe when I see it. It is is a great Welsh boy's name, imo.

    It drives me batty that a lot of great Welsh/Irish/English boy names are being used on girls in the US. Stupid.

    My mind goes straight to:

    Of course, very well known, award winning actor Morgan Freeman:


    And of these two lovely men (though fictional):


    Morgan on CHUCK

    Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds (goes by Morgan) ? yum

    + most of the Morgan's IRL that I know are boys/men. Including a little boy in DD's pre-school.

    I know one girl with the name (and she is a biotch!). 


    ... but then again, this is how I feel about 99% of the boy names people are using on their daughters today.

    My name was teased and it is an all girl name (Ellen). Kids tease. It happens. Giving a kid a more popular/common name is not going to stop that.

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  • My H and I prefer it for a boy as well. I don't think it is too girly... it began as a boy's name and is now unisex and acceptable for either sex. Kids will tease no matter what... I wouldn't worry about him being teased for having a girl's name these days.. so many names are unisex now it really is not a relevant concern IMO.

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  • I love this name for a boy!!!  I don't think you need to worry about him being picked on, it is a unisex name. Think of the Kellys, Terrys, Caseys, Robins, and Shannons of our generation I don't think any of them were tormented for having unisex names.

    Full disclosure, one of my sons is named Francis so obviously we aren't concerned. :)

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  • Sorry, I consider it firmly in team pink and would side eye boy usage at this point.  It was #63 for girls in 2010 and #518 for boys.  The only young Morgans I know are girls.
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  • I've never met a female Morgan, but I know tons of boys/men named Morgan. I think it is an awesome male name, and one that I've just never understood on girls. It doesn't sound remotely feminine to me at all. I love it for a boy. 

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  • image mlf625:
    Sorry, I consider it firmly in team pink and would side eye boy usage at this point.  It was #63 for girls in 2010 and #518 for boys.  The only young Morgans I know are girls.

    All of this. It is a unisex name, but it is primarily being used for girls now.

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  • Girls name don't set him up to be bullied.
  • Morgan is one of the very very few names that I feel is fairly defined as unisex.  It's more boy to me, but I don't mind it on girls at all.
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  • It's unisex to me, although I do think of a girl first when I hear the name.  I don't care for the name for either sex though.
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  • I love Morgan as a boys' name, and would be so thrilled to meet a little boy named Morgan. If DH liked it, I would be all over it for a boy.

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  • I like Morgan more for a boy than a girl.
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