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C section ladies

I currently have a breech baby and will most likely need a c section.

 My question how long did your ob let you go until it was scheduled? I am hoping to deliver as close to or after my due date as I want the baby to have more time to bake and come when she is " ready"  

I have also heard that babies who are born closer to their due dates are more alert and better breast feeders. I am worried my on will want to deliver me at 38/39 weeks, which unless their are complications I don't see the point. 

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Re: C section ladies

  • C sections are generally scheduled for 39 weeks. My ob prefers me not to go into labor if I don't have to. (I'm also a repeat section with a bicornuate uterus and a breech baby so I have a few more risk factors.) However should I go into labor naturally my ob will do the c section then and there. I think most obs prefer you not to go into labor because it makes the c section easier.

    My first was breech and born via c section at 37 weeks after my water broke on my way to a wedding reception. He was a great breastfeeder. We never had latch issues and he ate like a champ. Full term is technically 37 weeks and due dates are just estimates. I wouldn't worry too much if your baby is born a little before the due date.

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  • My baby turned breech at about 37 weeks and then turned back around a week later and he was 8 lbs so there is still lots of time for him to turn. They did have me scheduled for a c-section at 39 weeks but I didn't end up needing one since he was no longer breech.

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  • My OB schedules them right at 39 weeks and until 2 days after your due date if you want.  Talk to your OB, they may do things similar.
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  • My repeat C is scheduled for 39w5d. The lady that booked it originally had it set up for 3 days earlier and I pushed it back. 
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  • I had a planned c/s with DS 4 days before my due date.  They usually won't let you go past your due date, there's really no reason to and they don't want you to go into labor. 

    Check out this article - 39w is what's widely scheduled.
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  • There should be no medical reason to schedule you at 38 weeks, and most will most without a VERY good reason. My c/s was for different reasons, but we decided at my 40 week appt. and had it at 40 weeks and 2 days. This time my ob does not want me to labor and it is scheduled for 39 weeks exactly. 
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  • My first c-section was 9 days before baby was due (she had NOOO problems latching/breastfeeding) & this one is scheduled for 39 wks. My doctor did say that if baby decides to come earlier than that, we can choose to go forward with a natural delivery so that's exciting/scary (scary just because a c-section is all I know as far as delivering a child) 

    Talk to your OB & see what he/she says about putting off the date. Can't hurt! Good luck!
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  • My DD originally was in position and at some point flipped very late and was breech.  We found out after my water broke and I had labored for several hours on my due date.  This time, scheduled my section for 39w4days
  • DD #1 was breech and my OB scheduled me for 39 weeks, I ended up getting bumped though and she was born 4 days before my dd. This time, DD#2 is breech, and he is scheduling for somewhere in my 38th week. I have a heart shaped uterus and baby can't turn on her own (not enough room on her one side of it) so he is worried that I may go into labour earlier this time and doesn't want to take any chances. Personally, I would rather go later, however, our hospital isnt huge here so I would be risking it if I waited. 
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  • I don't understand why going into labour causes any problems - many, many women are given a c-sec when labour doesn't go well/progress.  I'd wait as long as possible - after 40 wks for sure.  If the baby is doing well I don't see the rush.

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  • I scheduled my for a week before my due date. I knew when it was going to be around about 36-37 weeks. They usually schedule it for around 39 weeks, most doctors and hospitals won't do it before 39 weeks unless medically necessary.

    My first one was breech. He was born exactly a week before is due date. I couldn't ever get him to latch on. I pumped and bottle feed him for the first 8 weeks and then gave up.

    With this one, he was born at 36 weeks and is great at breastfeeding. I do have to use the nipple shield most of the time, but he will take the breast.

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  • image bootcampbride:

    I don't understand why going into labour causes any problems - many, many women are given a c-sec when labour doesn't go well/progress.  I'd wait as long as possible - after 40 wks for sure.  If the baby is doing well I don't see the rush.

     Because even though many women are in labor for a long time (especially those who get csections for failure to progress) there are those women for whom labor goes fast enough that having a breech baby (or an unsupervised VBAC) would be a medical emergency. Nobody has a crystal ball to know how fast they'll go, so doctors don't take chances.  

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  • My son was a c-section at 38 weeks.  COmpletely healthy, no issues.
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  • The rule at my OB is that they won't schedule them before 39 weeks, but once you've hit 39 weeks anytime is fine. I think the only reason they'd want to schedule beforehand is so that you don't go into labor on your own. You're better off getting a planned C-section than one while you are in labor.
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