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Freaked out...

So last night I had some randomly weird thought of reading through my prenatal bottle. Then I saw that it was expired. Like a good few months expired. So this whole last week, I've been taking expired vitamins! I went and bought a brand new bottle right after I figured it out (and double checked the expiration date) but now I'm just worried that damage might have already been done?
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Re: Freaked out...

  • I'm sure it's just fine, don't worry about it.  They're still vitamins.
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  • Yeah, they should be fine. I think with medicine, once it's expired, it just looses strength.
  • They don't go bad- this is correct they just lose strength.  So it should be fine :)
  • You are definitely fine. There is a chance you might not have absorbed as much as you could have with fresher vitamins, but they put way more than you need in those things and I'm sure you still got plenty of good out of them. Definitely no harm done.
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  • You are fine. the expire date on pills just means that after that date they may not be as strong. I took a Pharmacology class and that is what they told us. It won't hurt you but may not give you the same amount of what you need. You did the right thing by buying new ones.  
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  • generally when meds or vitamins expire it just means they are not as potent as they should be. You should be fine
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  • Double check with your doctor but I know from my aunt (who's a Dr. in natropathy-aka natual medicine/herbs) that they last a few months after the expiration date.  Some not as long as others but if its only 2 or 3 months your more than likely fine.
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