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Can anyone else tell where there uterus is?

I'm reading my stupid pregnancy book which seems to be causing me more worry than anything these days and its talking about feeling your uterus at 17 weeks about an inch and a half below your belly button. I swear I can't tell at all where my uterus is! I do notice when I stand up though its harder down low on my stomach closer to my pelvic bone. Does that just mean I'm carrying low? 
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Re: Can anyone else tell where there uterus is?

  • Everybody grows differently.  I'm 20 weeks on Sunday and when you press on my stomach about a finger length below my belly button you can feel the top of my uterus.  I am carrying very very low.  I'm really hoping he moves up soon!  I don't want to have back labor!  At 17 weeks my uterus felt quite a bit lower, like inches lower, so he's grown a lot in the last few weeks!
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  • I think that at this point the bottom of the uterus is down by your pelvic bone and the top is up by your belly button.

    Maybe this website will help you visualize where your uterus is located at 17 weeks. 

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  • I started out really low and they were digging down under my pubic bone at 13 weeks for the ultrasound, but at today's ultrasound the top seemed to be right at my belly button.
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  • When I lay down, or especially in bed in the morning, I notice it the most. The rest of my organs and guts kinda settle to the side and my uterus protrudes out more. I can rub around and feel the hard ball (or in my case, lopsided pointy lump). You can see that the top of it is right below your belly button. 
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  • Its easier for me to feel when I lay down on my back.  I'm 20 weeks tomorrow and he's right at my belly button.  I couldn't feel it much except for tightness until about 2 weeks ago. 
  • I'm 17w5d and I thought mine was super low too but when I went to my OB on Mon, she felt my abdomen and said it was fine, just below my belly buttin!
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  • You shouldn't base your pregnancy on a book, of course using it as a guide is fabulous, I do too, but every pregnancy is unique. Write your own book, take notes in a journal of your daily pregnancy symptoms and measurements. Then if you have another baby later you can refer back to it.

    For example "the books" say my uterus should be at my navel at 20 weeks, it is, however, my due date states I am 21 weeks and two days so my uterus should be about an inch above my navel at this time, when I went to my OB yesterday he measured my fundus and stated it's measuring 20 weeks. Am I going to freak out from what the book sais, no, but am I going to listen to my OB, yes...

    When someone sais you are carrying low, it doesn't technically mean your uterus is low, it means the baby is low, some babies hang out high, some babies hang out low. Our uterus' all grow to about the same size during pregnancy with a singleton. Normally to about the size of a watermelon.

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  • ^This. I'm a little heavier and if I've eaten or I'm bloated it's very hard to feel. However, first thing in the morning when I'm lying flat before breakfast it's much easier to feel. You might have to press hard to feel the top of it.
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  • Oh Ashley! I've been looking for you! We are thinking about naming our daughter that. So do you like your name? Do you have any nicknames? Were you ever teased because if your name, like Ash kinda sounds like ass...that sorta thing.

    My DH loves that name, but I had a high school bully with that name so that's the only reason why it's not one of my faves.

    Our DD would be Ashley Margaret.

    Thanks for any thoughts or insight you have about your name.

    PS. I would've answered ur question, but my uterus has 50 lbs of fat on it so I couldn't feel it anyway! Haha! 

    Loving life's blessings!
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