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Anyone else rethinking another baby?

So let me preface this by saying that we have not made up our minds yet. DH and I always talked about having 3 or 4 children, and were hoping to have them 2-3 years apart. After DD#1, we still agreed that this is what we wanted and were really excited for #2. However, after some complications DD#2's pregnancy and her being a colicky baby for the first two months, both DH and I are now rethinking having any more. Its been a hard adjustment going from 1 to 2 kids, especially with a crazy 2 year old still in diapers running around. I'm sure as time goes on we will probably change our mind, but has anyone else had this thought?  Are your thoughts/plans changing at all since your pregnancy or the birth? 


Will baby #3 be another girl?


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Re: Anyone else rethinking another baby?

  • I dont know...I go back and forth... I love the 3 of us and there is so much I want to do with him that would be harder with a second or third. I have always thought I wanted at least 3. Alex is a pretty easy baby and my pregnancy was smooth for the most part and I had a super easy labor (less than 12 hours total and less than 20 minutes of pushing) but I HATED being pregnant. I know my husband would like a girl so more likely than not we will have another maybe 3 or 4 years from now. 

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  • Not really, no. I mean, DH and I were never sure if we wanted more than one to begin with. But, with the way things worked out this time (him being deployed August 2011-August? 2012) around we're pretty much certain we want a second one so that we can go through this as a unit next time. We know it won't be the same, since it will be our second child instead of our first, but he wants to be there for the newborn and infant stage at least once.

    Of course, we don't want to jump into number two right away. We would like at least three years between them. 

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  • My DH and I have been talking about this and well we're still not sure.He's really into the idea but he has a couple work related injuries that need to be healed first.
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  • Nope.  Neither my husband nor I have changed our minds.  The problem is that he thinks he may want another eventually and I only want one.
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  • We can't wait to have #2...

    I loved being pregnant and I had a easy L&D. My husband has no boys in his family and told me he isn't stopping until he gets a boy, so I really hope #2 is a boy!


    Ask me this when I am tired at 3am and I will tell you a different story LOL 

  • I LOVE my baby...but exhaustion might be clouding my (and most people here) mind.

    I too always wanted 3-4. DH is set on 3. We just had #1 and I'm not sure I can do more than 2. I know we want one more...and close as possible together (we'll probably start trying next winter). I had a horrible pregnancy that ended in c-section. I'll most likely have a repeat c-section and my doctor doesn't like to do more than 3 c-sections. So I guess my dream of 4 is somewhat out the window? And LO exhausts me so. I'm going to be honest here...I'm not so fond of this age. Again, I love my baby...but crying and no sleep is getting to me. I'd love to have like a 2, 4, and 6 year old....just getting there is going to be awful!

    I'll just have to give it time and feel things out as they come. There's no way I could say "yep, tie my tubes while you're in there doc...we're done". Everything has to have time to adjust before I'll truly know.

  • After #2, I did rethink #3 but the opposite of you-- we originally only wanted 2 (DS1 was SUCH a tough baby we took awhile to even TTC#2) but when #2 was so easy and then got to be almost 1 and DS1 and DS2 were pretty easy together... we decided we wanted a third.  So we were the complete opposite =)

    Anyway, give it time.  If you were thinking about #3 already, I would think you were crazy.  When your new baby is 2, those colicky days will be such a distant memory and your older DD will be more independent than you can imagine right now.  That will be a good time to decide if you are done or if someone is missing from your family.  

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  • I go back and forth with it. I have always wanted 4, but when we had DS 3 sounded better. Now with DD in the picture I'm not sure if our family is complete with 2 or if I want one more. On the good days I do, but on the days DS is being naughty and DD won't sleep, I say I'm done. I loved being pregnant (had 2 smooth/easy pregnancies and L&D), but I hate the newborn stage. DD does STTN, but on the nights that it takes what feels like forever to get her to calm down and go to sleep suck! I forgot how much I don't like the stage until we had DD. I'm sure in a couple years I'll forget about the newborn stage all over again and want another, but for right now I'll enjoy the 2 I've been blessed with :)

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