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*lurker* rec your double stroller

preferably a side by side, lightweight.

we are looking to purchase one before our summer vacation.


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Re: *lurker* rec your double stroller

  • I've had a number of double strollers (Phil and Ted Sport, combi double, City Mini) and my favorite is the City Mini double.  Super easy to fold and unfold, lightweight, great sun shades, and the seats fully recline (my girls have napped in it while I've walked).  The basket is a little bit of a pain, but it just takes a little bit different packing strategy. 
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  • My City Mini double just came I can't tell you exactly how it works for everyday life but I have heard nothing but great things about  this stroller, except the basket thing.  If you wait till the 2012 model comes out I think they fixed the basket problem.  I just wanted to save some money so I went ahead with the 2011 model.  So excited for DS #2 to get here so I can try it out.  Good luck with your quest, its not an easy decision when you are talking about hundreds of dollars!

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  • We really like our BumbleRide Indie Twin :)
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  • Bugaboo Donkey -- we LOVE ours, very lightweight but pricey $$$
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  • City Mini!

    And, while I have a 2011 edition the 2012 or 13 one has fixed the basket problem by making the bar in back curved so that the basket is actually usable.  I couldn't wait to get mine and I can deal with the basket issue.

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