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Any experienced big parents with big babies?

My boyfriend and I are both fairly larger people. I'm about 5'7'' and 270lbs and my boyfriend is 6'2'' and about 200lbs. I never expected this child to be small, however I'm curious if anyone else has had a similar experience. It seems a logical conclusion; genetically the child will just probably be larger, but my concern is my BF's head didn't fit with his mama. haha I'm larger than his mom so my first thought was, this baby will fit, then I started thinking.. I'm larger... I have more room for this kid to grow!

I also am wondering because my BF is convinced we're not going to need newborn diapers or newborn clothes. I'm leaning towards bringing some just in case.  Am I being ridiculous?

 JFYI: BF was almost 23inches at birth and nearly 10lbs. I was 8.8lbs and 22 inches. 

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Re: Any experienced big parents with big babies?

  • My DD was 9lbs, 3 oz, 21.5 inches long.  She fit in newborn diapers and clothes, not for long, but she did for about 3 weeks I think.  This time, my DS was 9 lbs 10 oz 21 inches.  He did not fit into newborn diapers but technically fit into newborn clothes.  I had both mine vaginally, did tear with my DD but not DS even though he was bigger.  I also am 5'7".   HTH Smile
  • Personally, I'm not sure if it matters. I'm 5'4", generally around 145lbs before I was pregnant...I was 8lbs 2oz when I was born. My husband is 5'10" and weighs around 285...he was only like 7lbs 10oz when he was born. Our son was born weighing 8lbs 12oz (bigger than both of us were) and 22" long (longer than both of us were at birth).

    We needed both newborn diapers and clothes for close to a month, but didn't have any, since everyone convinced us we wouldn't need them. So I'd have at least a pack of newborn diapers and a few newborn outfits that you can return if you don't need them.

    Also, my husband and I both have rather large heads and our son is only in like the 25th percentile for his head size. You just never know!

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  • I would not worry about it.  I am only 5'10" and was about 138lbs pre-pregnancy and delivered an 11lb, 6oz baby boy vaginally.  I have fully recovered and mom and baby are doing well.  Best advice, is to just not worry about it.  My boy did skip over newborn diapers and clothes all together.
  • I'm larger and so is my dh. Lo was 8 lbs 14 oz and at 3 months us in 6 month clothing. That being said... It's not the best indicator. I had a larger friend give birth to a 6 Lb baby

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  • My husband is 6'7", 250 lb.  He was 11 lb. 4 oz., 24" at birth.  I am 5'8" and was 130 lb. pre-pregancy.  I was only 7 lb. 1 oz. at birth.  I was able to deliver our 9 lb. 5 oz. son vaginally, with the help of a vacuum.

    Our baby ended up averaging out between the two of us, but in reality he could've gone either way.  He could've leaned towards my genes and been average, or towards my husband and could've been born even bigger than he was. You just never know!

    I wouldn't buy any newborn clothes or diapers just yet.  We didn't and saved tons of money that way, because our LO couldn't fit into any newborn clothes (carter's NB clothes only go up to 8 lb.).  He did wear the NB diapers the hospital gave us, but only for a week.  If your baby needs them when he's born, you can always send somebody out to get things, or maybe borrow them from someone else?  Plus people always buy clothes for the baby after he's born.  You can tell them to get NB things if you need them. 

  • I don't think your current size factors in much really. Now, genetically the size you both were at birth might.

    I am currently "fluffy" and was born average sized (7lbs 7oz). DH was bigger at birth, at around 8lbs I believe. DS was born 8lbs 13oz. He never wore NB diapers,he went straight in size 1s. He did fit NB clothes for about two weeks. I wouldn't stock up, but definitely have a few outfits on hand. Most larger babies do fit NB clothes, and they loose birth weight before leaving the hospital. My DS was down to 8lbs 1oz by the time we were discharged. We didn't buy any diapers until after we got him home; we had some from our baby shower and from the hospital, but we had DH go out and buy some the next day.

    Good luck to you and congratulations.

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