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boy or girl baby dreams?

Last night I dreamed that I was at my baby shower.  Barely anyone was there, even my best friends just dropped off presents and then went off to a cottage. I was still quite happy, but in the dream although I still didn't know if it was a boy or girl, all I was given were little girl clothes. 

I also dreamed about having a little girl earlier this week, although in this dream I actually had the baby, and DH and I were worried because she wasn't crying. I think this is just because that night he told me he didn't feel safe with a home birth and that kind of home birth scenario was going though my head. Still, in the dream felt everything was just fine.

anyone else who doesn't know yet having dreams about boy or girl babies and think it means something? Maybe this means I'm having a girl!!!
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Re: boy or girl baby dreams?

  • I don't think it means anything as I have had dreams about both. I've had more about boy though - we will see!
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  • I've had three girl dreams, no boy dreams so far. I'm finding out this weekend so we will see if it means anything.
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  • A few weeks ago I only dreamt about having a girl, then last night I had a dream about having a little boy. I definitely don't have two babies in there, so I guess we just have to wait and see which dream is right...50/50 chance lol
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  • I've only had one I would consider a boy/girl dream. My cousin gave me a necklace with an L and S charm on it- the L for Lucas obviously, and I'm thinking the S was for Stephanie since we talked about that being our girl name. 

    With my first pregnancy I had 2 or 3 girl dreams very early in the pregnancy, and then starting around now had 4 boy dreams in a row! I hope I get them again this time.  

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  • I've had two boy dreams - but up until recently I have really wanted a boy so I think that has played into my dreams.

    I've heard though some people believe you dream opposite of what you are having - boy dreams = having girl.

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  • i had a dream that we went to the elective ultrasound and found out we were having a boy. i'll find out tomorrow at my actual elective u/s. :)



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  • With my first, I had 2 boy dreams and I ended up having a boy. My DF also had a boy dream. I think we both wanted a boy soo bad that it kind of "skewed" our dreams lol.

     This time I have had 2 girl dreams and my DF has had 1 as well. This time we don't have a real preference so we shall see... Hopefully the baby will cooperate and we will be able to find out what we are having at my appt in 2 weeks! 


  • I've had three boy dreams so far...and one of them was a week before I even knew I was pregnant.  I've had one girl dream but in the same night I also had one of the boy dreams.  Guess we'll see in five more weeks. 
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  • I've dreamed about a boy a couple times.  The first dream was weird because I wasn't pregnant yet, it was like 6 months to a year before.  My Mom was actually carrying the baby and I was super jealous because she got to carry him.  He had red hair and I got to take him with me, though.  His name was Rhett.  The baby's sex wasn't revealed in one dream.  I don't remember the other dreams, that one was just vivid for some reason.

  • DH and I both have had boy girl dreams -- maybe cuz that's what we're hoping for?  DH finds out on 3/23 - I find out whenever I decide I want to know.
  • I've had a strong feeling from the start that I have a boy a-brewin' in there. Since then I've had two dreams, both times my baby was a boy. I'm not really hoping for one or the other at this point, I'm just curious to see if my feelings and dreams are correct. It will be a little while before we find out though. We need to have a post like this again when more August Moms know what they're having. For science!
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  • image mishfull:

    I've had two boy dreams - but up until recently I have really wanted a boy so I think that has played into my dreams.

    I've heard though some people believe you dream opposite of what you are having - boy dreams = having girl.

    I've heard this also. And then right after I did I had a dream about a baby boy (I've only had 2 baby boy dreams so far) and started wondering if it was a normal "opposite" dream or if I was switching it up because of the theory!  My gut has said girl but my subconscious says boy so some part of me is going to be right! :)

  • Let's hope that dreams aren't predictive of anything because last night I dreamed I gave birth to two puppies! (Thank goodness my subconscious skipped over the actual birth, yikes!)

    Now I've been assured by the OB that I only have one little one in my mother says it's a sign that I should be expecting a little animal! (...and hearing how DH was as a's quite possible!)

    Talk about weird pregnancy dreams... 

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  • I have thought from day one that this baby will be a boy...but over the last two days I have dreamt it was a girl...we shall see soon. 
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  • I actually had a dream last night where I went to my U/S and the tech just kept clicking pictures and saying, boy, boy, boy, at every picture.  My a/s is in 2 weeks, so I guess we will see then.
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