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Preparations for birth #3

Hey everyone...I'm not a super regular poster, but I have lurked here a bit...

I am currently pregnant with my third baby.

My first was born almost 17 years ago, when I was 17.  I had a pretty fast labor and made it to the hospital 13 minutes before she was born.  The doctor didn't make it to the hospital for the birth.  The nurses broke my water to do a scalp monitor thing on the baby, but there were no other interventions.  I wasn't incredibly educated about natural childbirth, but had taken a childbirth education class and watched a few birth videos.  My mom was my labor support person.  I had never even heard of birth plans.

My second DD was born 2 1/2 years ago.  She was born at a different hospital with an OB.  DH and a doula were my support people.  I didn't take any classes, but read Ina May's Guide to Childbirth, a few other books and watched the Business of Being Born.  I had two days of early labor/mild to moderate contractions.  My OB broke my water when I was about 4cm (which I was fine with) and DD was born an hour and a half later.  I didn't have any other interventions.  I had a birth plan in my head, but didn't write it out.

Now, I am getting ready for our next baby.  I am REALLY hoping for a natural birth again.  However, I don't really want to spend the money on a doula, because DH will be taking time off work without pay and I want him to be able to take that time with as little financial stress as possible.  My history of fast labors, and the fact that I've done this twice already makes me feel like I should be able to do it again.  My husband isn't the most amazing support person during labor (it feels like heresy to admit that!) but he will be there and I think we can work on some of the things that I need.  I was planning to have two friends available for support, but one is also pregnant and due just days after me, so I am assuming that she will not be available.  My other friend is going to take some labor and newborn pictures and is planning on being at the hospital while I am in labor (unless our other friend is also in labor and needs her there!)  I have the same OB that I had last time and she is pretty supportive of natural birth.

So, here are some of my questions...

1)  Is it idiotic to skip the doula because of money?  We could afford it, there are just other things that I would rather spend my money on.

2) Do you think I really need to write down my birth plan?  Or, can I just assume that if things are going well, a birth plan isn't needed and if there are complications I can trust my doctor to make sure baby and I are both healthy.

3)  My plan is to read and highlight the Birth Partner book and share it with DH and my photographer friend.  Does that seem like preparation enough?

 Thanks for making it this far...any advice would be really appreciated...



Re: Preparations for birth #3

  • I too have  a history of precipitous labors (labor lasting less then 3 hours start to finish) and while I believe and support doulas (even toying with the idea of becoming one some day), there is no way that I would spend money on one because my labors are so fast, it would be a waste of money BUT my dh is a pretty good support although mostly because I just needed him with me. He really didn't do anything in particular.  In fact he almost missed the birth because he was in that bathroom and on another occassion almost passed out when she was trying to do the IV.  I guess the thing about your support partner is that you should surround yourself with someone who you want to be there with you during your most vulnerable time. If that is your best friend then definitely enlist her help.

    As far as pain management, I can't say. I kind of went into this blind. I just take it one contraction at a time until I feel the urge to push. My body goes straight into transition so there really is no time to do much else but ride it out.



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  • I don't think you need a doula this time. You'll be fine. You know what you want, you're experienced, you have a supportive OB. I'd just refresh yourself with the books you mentioned, don't have overly high expectations for your DH, and just believe in yourself. GL!
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