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Apples and Cinnamon and other solids?


I've been giving DS apples (homemade organic cooked) and he seems to like them a lot... But I was at a friends house and I notice that she gave DS (same age) the "sprout" brand apples and they have cinnamon in them (organic apples, organic apple juice, and organic cinnamon as the ingredients).  Can I put a little cinnamon in DS's oatmeal and/or apple puree?  Is there any reason to do this?  Does it help to expose him to different flavors?  Is my regular cinnamon in the cabinet ok?  It's not organic and it might even be old but we eat it ourselves...

Is there anything else I can/shoud be adding to DS's diet?  He's a great eater who loves everything we've given him so far... he's 6 and a half months and has had sweet potatoes, avocado, squash, peas, bananas, and apples, all in cooked purees (except avo and ban)... Loves them all.  Should I be trying other things yet?  I'm LATE for my 6 month appointment and I'm not going for another week or two.  Just wondering what else your kids are eating at this point. 

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Re: Apples and Cinnamon and other solids?

  • hmm well if you think its old maybe buy some new cinnamon but i doubt a little will hurt, besides so many people are letting their lo's nibble off of food from restaurants and such (including myself) and I know their have been spices in those foods and we haven't had a problem. My DS eats sprouts apple and cinnamon and loves it
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  • DD has had cinnamon on her apples. Though we are doing BLW. SHe is used to flavors from my breastmilk anyway so I don't see the big deal in putting a little cinnamon or other seasonings (sans salt) on her food.
  • We have so rarely given LO food without spices that I could probably count on one hand.  Apples with cinnamon, carrots and pear with ginger, zucchini with sage.  LO loves it.  Cumin, Gharam Masala, all kinds of stuff.  If you're worried, treat it like a food and give a few days between introducing it and other items. 

    That said, I have not read any baby feeding instructions so there is your grain of salt.  We are adventurous eaters here so we wanted to attempt to give LO as broad a palate as possible before he starts clamping down.

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