2nd Trimester

Baby, if you move up you will have more room!!!

This kid must be comfy all nestled down in my pelvis because I don't think he/she has figured out that there is twice as much room if they were to just move up! I mean for heaven's sake my ute is the size of a soccer ball now, yet I only feel movement WAY down low under my belly button, hardly ever even with my button and never above it. Eventually he/she will have to move up as there will be no choice due to lack of room!

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Re: Baby, if you move up you will have more room!!!

  • I feel my lo everywhere sometimes much higher than I thought she'd be at this point. It's also incredibly  weird to feel her right behind my belly button.
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  • My little girl is doing the EXACT same thing. I have yet to feel her move anywhere but below my belly button and i'm 5'10 and have a fairly long torso so i definitely don't understand!!!! This is my first pregnancy though and i wasnt sure if that was normal or if it would change drastically throughout the pregnancy, but i'm already 26wks so it'd have to be pretty soon, I'd imagine!

  • I used to want mine to move up, then he did and moved all the way up into my ribs. Then i was like go back down please. But yes mine likes to cram at the bottom alot. 
  • My LO finally moved up this week. I was carrying her super low. Now she seems to be headed in the right direction!
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  • My LO is "crazy low" as the u/s tech said.  I feel like he is squishing down into my pelvis.  My bladder feels tiny and I can't wait to have him move up.
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  • I have the opposite problem, my lo likes to hang out in my ribs.  Like you, I do not understand as there is much more room if she were to move down a bit.  LOL

  • I was thinking the same thing!  I have felt my lo at my belly button and higher but she always nestles back down way low on top of my bladder!  I thought they said you carry girls high, but she has always felt so low to me!  I've had plenty of pelvis pressure this whole time lol.
  • I only started feeling movement higher up about 2 weeks ago or so, and I felt the exact same as you before that!  After all the bladder and cervix kicks I was begging for him to move up...and then he did and I couldn't breathe and ribs were aching...so when he dropped back down and used my bladder and cervix as his punching bag again I was very happy! haha

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