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Large bump on stomach

For about 1-2 weeks I have been feeling a bump on my stomach coming and going. Yes I know it's the baby but I wonder if it's normal. I can literally see my stomach bulk out on one side. Usually its in the middle above my belly button or more to the right side, never the left. Then there is a large bump and I keep rubbing over it and it will go away and come back 5 min later. I know it cannot be Braxton Hicks and that it must be the baby, I just worry about every little thing...lol...


Re: Large bump on stomach

  • It sounds like the baby. My bf's mom talked about how she'd lay on one side and the baby would be laying on that side and then she'd roll over and watch as the bump suddenly decided to move to the other side too. :)
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  • could be baby sticking it butt out at you! butts, backs and heads all provide lopsided bumps.  when you rub it the baby most likely moves away and then back to its happy position :-) enjoy interacting with your little one!
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  • My baby is ALWAYS on my right side. Always. My stomach is visably lopsided - even with clothes on. My DD was the same way in the womb. When I lay down at the doctor and raise my shirt, half of my belly protrudes, and the other half is relatively soft. It wasn't until the last 3 weeks or so that it's evened out a LITTLE - and I think it's just because she has nowhere else to go.

    I've asked my doctor and there's nothing to be worried about, she just likes that position. And she's perfectly positioned for labor, so I'm not complaining.

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  • Try not to stress..thats one of my favorite things about being pregnant. Towards the end it looks like a little alien trying to worm out. Its totally normal! I'll sometimes just lay on the couch at night watch him moving around...with DD she would love TONS in the evening and it just looked like waves on my belly. Every morning I wake up with him in a different ball on one side of my stomach...I'm pretty sure it's the tush we're seeing.
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  • My baby's a wiggler, so I'm always lopsided.   ALWAYS.  And never in the same spot.  People will walk up to me and tell me where inside my stomach my baby is.  She's just that kind of girl.  :)
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  • Do you have fibroids?  

    I have one exactly where you are describing the bump on your stomach.  If the baby is in the right spot, he pushes it up and I can feel/see it.  

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  • Is it in the exact same place every time? Or does it move slightly? If it's the same place every time I would ask your doctor, like the PP above me said it could be a fibroid. BUT if it moves then it's just the baby! That's my favorite part about being as far along as I am. LO sticks pushes her feet out on my left side and pushes her booty out under my right rib! I love pushing and playing with her :)
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  • It's the baby- more specifically, it's probably his/her little butt poking through. It's totally normal, but it does look weird, doesn't it? I notice it a lot when I first wake up in the morning, or from a nap- it's always really hard and pokes out at a funny angle. Sometimes it's on the left of my bellybutton but usually it is on the right. Just rub it like you've been doing, and it will cause the baby to change position and flatten out a bit so its tushie doesn't pop up as much.
  • If it is always in the same spot it is likely a hernia. I got one with ds1.
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