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DH has stolen my glider!

When we started getting ready for the baby, we converted the office to a nursery.  DH and I both work from home.  The deal was that we would set up a desk in the master bedroom to work from when one of us needed privacy for work.  The desk hasn't been moved to the bedroom yet - it's currently in the dining room. 

So for the last two months, DH has been working from our old glider in the nursery.  DH is a really big guy - around 300 lbs.  (I'm not writing this to complain about his weight, so please don't read it that way)  The problem is that he has completely killed the cushion in the glider.  It's also starting to creak due to the way he leans back in it all day. 

I was planning to spend hours every day nursing the baby in this chair and now the cushion's flat and the chair's wobbly.  I said something last week to remind DH that he needed to get the desk set up because the nursery chair isn't built for this kind of use, but he's up there again today in the glider.  I know he'll veto buying a new glider just because this one's worn out and not broken.  But I'm starting to get upset. 

It's an older glider and I can't buy new cushions for it with matching armrests and everything.  I might be able to get his grandmother to make me new ones - she used to be a seamstress and does that sort of thing alot.  I just don't know what to do about it since I'm not in any condition to carry the desk and heavy office chair up the stairs myself.  I don't want to hurt his feelings because he is sensitive about his weight, but I do need this chair in working order.  I guess this is more of a vent post, but if anyone has any ideas that might help I appreciate it.

I guess another part that's irritating me is that I'm the one that put in all the work getting the nursery together.  I put up the crib, painted the walls, decorated, everything.  It's only since I made it nice in there that he's taken over the room.  Now his work stuff is laying around and his coffee cups get left on the dresser and he's just generally screwing up my nesting!

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Re: DH has stolen my glider!

  • I totally understand your frustration. That sucks. I would just gently bring up that you really want to keep the nursery nice for the baby and you would really love it if he'd move the desk up to the bedroom for you. Kill him with kindness Big Smile
  • If the chair creaks ask him to make sure the screws are tightened. I also agree with pp about just gently talking to him about it.
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  • Maybe i'm pushy, but if this was my DH I'd do one of the following

    #1: Stand over his shoulder while he is working until he decides to do things your way and take the desk to the bedroom or promise to do it that night (if the promise didn't fold out - again i'd resort to stalking over his shoulder)
    #2: Start pushing the chair/desk to the stairs and then ask for "help". "Honey i'm trying to get this desk upstairs, it's pretty heavy. Come help me real quick please!"


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  • That sucks, you know what I do when my DH doesn't seem to do what I ask regardless of how many times I ask him to do it.  I cry lol it works every time, he thinks its hormones and he feels bad for making me cry.  I hate to manipulate him like that but its gets things done and it doesn't cause a fight. I don't do it for the little things but big things like moving stuff around just let out a few tears.
  • My SIL gave us her glider chair and as my hubby carried it inside he said..."well, we've got some time yet, we might as well leave it here and I'll carry it up to Bug's room closer to April"......seat is flat and it's creaky too, since it was already used I know I'm going to have a to find a different seat cushion for mine too.  You have every right to be frustrated and I'm right there with you!
  • If the cushion has gone flat, you may be able to contact the manufacturer to see if the have just the foam piece for sale as a replacement part. As far as the creakiness, I'd ask DH to ensure everything is nice and tight AFTER he moves the desk.
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